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a period of five years

a ceremonial purification of the Roman population every five years following the census

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Przedmiotem zamwienia sa sukcesywne dostawy elementw optycznych (soczewki, lustra, plytki i kostki swiatlodzielace, okienka i podklady optyczne, filtry optyczne, plytki falowe, polaryzatory, siatki dyfrakcyjne, krysztaly).
According to a bio, Lustra is made up of the "kids that no one would play with.
Este vehiculo tiene una presencia muy importante en el viejo continente, ya que sus ventas representan el 4 por ciento del mercado frances y el 2 por ciento del mercado europeo e lustra la capacidad de renovacion de Renault.
For women who are not pregnant or lactating, she recommends treatment with Lustra, which is a 4% hydroquinone with glycolic acid for increased penetration.
The London four-piece have been in chart exile since early 1996 but finally bounced back earlier this month with an excellent new album Lustra.