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Synonyms for lush

Synonyms for lush

growing profusely

given to or marked by unrestrained abundance

characterized by extravagant, ostentatious magnificence

to take alcoholic liquor, especially excessively or habitually

Synonyms for lush

a person who drinks alcohol to excess habitually

produced or growing in extreme abundance

characterized by extravagance and profusion

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full of juice


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Paul has not received formal training, yet his colorful and lushly textured paintings evoke Uganda's rich cultural heritage and exhibit sophistication far beyond his age.
A host of amenities will enhance the Living space within this Lushly landscaped tower.
Dragonfly was a lushly melodic, richly-harmonic, country-tinged ballad, beautifully played, dynamic and emotive.
The crooner, now in his sixties, performed lushly romantic material from his Classically Sedaka album where he has put lyrics to classical melodies.
There are also lushly romantic melodies and nervously energetic rhythms whose tango derivations give an underlying sense of structure even to the most improvisatory-sounding passages.
Stay at the Excelsior and, when you wake up in one of its 216 lushly appointed rooms or suites (starting at around $300), you'll get gorgeous views of the beach of Venice.
In a crisp narrative lushly decorated with original photographs, she captures the spirit of Shackleton's merry band with an intimate, occasionally claustrophobic portrait of the untamed forces that raged against them.
the pleasures of that lushly scenic, elegantly witty, brilliantly literate, cinematic wait.
One offers mohair, tartan skirts and scarves, Another, all things nautical - seascapes Lushly framed, and ships' brass styled instruments, Flossed and polished to exacting gleams.
The hotel surrounds two lushly landscaped courtyards and pool area.
MILE 42: Castle Lake overlook, an overview of a lake created immediately following the eruption, and the lushly forested Mt.
7 million and include 11,767 square feet of office space connected by a covered breezeway in a lushly landscaped environment.
Don't Say A Word, Mama/ No Digas Nada, Mama" is a lushly illuminated bilingual original tale with a precious moral for all times, the value of sisters' sharing of carefully harvested garden bounty and love.
Half instrumental, with the other half boasting the vocal talents of Jack White and Norah Jones, the 15 tracks fly by, taking the listener on a seamless journey through lushly orchestrated melodrama, and while it's authentic, Rome never slips into pastiche.
Sparkling and lushly contoured debut from the Oldham gal.