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SCENTS and sensibility or lusciousness, or sexiness, or fruitiness or summeriness JUICY JUICYCOUTURE OUTURE C LA LA LALA MA MALIBU, IBU, L [euro]61.
But I opted for the lusciousness of a cheese souffle because after all, we're talking about the Oscars here, which is not exactly a model of restraint.
Anything acidic or spicy can be tricky, but I am a spicy fan so I found a way to add some kick to a few dishes by combining the right about of smoke, or lusciousness.
Lewis was no less conscious of the evils of English colonialism in Ireland, but for him Acrasia's Bower of Bliss was about a spiritual rather than a physical reality and illustrated the idea that temperance is the rejection of sterility, despite the lusciousness of temptation.
I like the heat the tenderness the edible the lusciousness [.
For me, it's the lusciousness of the medium; it's really easy to mix colors.
I aim for the perfect balance of lusciousness and calorie friendliness to keep your palate pleased and your body healthy .
The Caramel Pointe de Sel, an homage dedicated to the ferocious ocean wind which blows in the Atlantic waves, is a perfectly balanced mix between the lusciousness of the milk chocolate and the savoury sea-salted caramel.
The With Grace wearer shall this year shine like a beacon; glistening with sex appeal, exclusivity and lusciousness, dressed in crepes, sequins and lace.
Wade's artwork captures the cuteness of the Australian animals, the lusciousness of the cottage and the image of mostly happy healthy children, out on an adventure.
54) In "The Rainmaker" the lusciousness of the beauty that springs from the creativity of the womb of mother earth is testimony to the presence of a divinity felt in the depths of the imagination.
Indulge in the perfect combination of chocolate and mocha lusciousness with Pepperidge Farm Petite Cake," says the Mocha Bliss box.
Think of the floral perfume of Riesling, the refreshing zip of a Loire Sauvignon Blanc and the lusciousness of Pinot Grigio all in great harmony.
Yoshikawa's oeuvre includes stone and porcelain ware with the employment of blue-white glazes (seihakuji), also seen in the ceramic ware of artists Tukami Sueharu and Yagi Akira, although, in Yoshikawa's work, the lusciousness of the glazes extenuate the formal quality of the piece, which is far more important than its function.
It originates opulent scenery of lusciousness, conjuring up the flamboyant ambiance of a rich courtly feast.