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so as to produce a delightful taste

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So if this list made you smile at the thought of lusciously scented lavender plants or heady lily of the valley, why not try growing your own?
Best New Dessert/Confectionery Product: 'Specially Selected' Lusciously Layered 6 Dessert Shots--Aldi Stores Ltd.
A lusciously illustrated book, built around a very simple story about a girl who wants to be a witch, but not in the conventional sense.
Had enough of womens magazines with their absurdly gorgeous models, revealing necklines and lusciously long legs?
This permits it to make wines that range from bone dry, or sec, to moderately sweet, or demi-sec, to lusciously sweet and nectarlike, or moelleux, all the while retaining a refreshing balance.
His period costumes were predictably gorgeous; his set, lusciously lit by Brian Nason, was a lovely forest glade transformed with the addition of props into rooms as needed in Matthew Ozawa's deft recreation of Mizrahi's breezy original direction.
Lusciously detailed illustrations of animals such as deer, bees, foxes and turtles are contrasted with small whimsical black and white stick sketches of human children trying out different heat-adaptive strategies.
Lusciously coiffed Quebecois prodigy Xavier Dolan overreached with last year's "Laurence Anyways," a three-hour transgender saga that overindulged his admittedly striking stylistic affectations.
The choreographer, who creates dark, edgy work that is both lusciously full-bodied and rich in small-scale, oddball detail, has been commissioned to create a new piece as the recipient of the 2012 Koerner Award.
These two lusciously smooth and delectable flavours are ideal for those looking for a summer treat, but who are unwilling to compromise on taste.
For lazy weekends, team this cotton-lined white skirt by Manoush with a lusciously colourful hand-knitted top by Serbian label Ivko.
The book was to be called Extraordinary You--The Art of Living a Lusciously Spirited Vibrant Life.
Robinson's recipes are clear and easy to follow, and her invitation to join in the celebration of Cake Day is lusciously tempting.