lupus vulgaris

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tuberculosis of the skin

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7) 1 year Multiple Cold abcesses Patki AH (8) 4 1/2 Years Multicentric lupus vulgaris Dixit et al.
Lupus vulgaris, centrofacial, hypertrophic, ATD therapy
The clinical and pathologic lesions are varying from scrofuloderma to lupus vulgaris (LV) in CT,6 but the most common form of CT is LV.
Lupus vulgaris in a pediatric patient: A clinical-histopathological diagnosis.
We report a 10-year-old boy with lupus vulgaris involving the left cheek with emphasis on clinicohistopathological diagnosis.
And the make-up department must have been working double shifts to cope with the re-creation of hideous deformities caused by lupus vulgaris, a skin disease brought on by the bacteria that causes TB in the lungs.
Hay ademas una tercera clase, denominada lupus vulgaris, sin relacion alguna con el lupus eritematoso.
13) Finally, Yerushalmi et al described the case of a patient whose lupus vulgaris was complicated by a metastatic squamous cell carcinoma in the neck.
Lupus vulgaris, the second most common tuberculosis skin manifestation in children, is a reinfection of the skin in people who have a high degree of sensitization.
Only 21 had lupus vulgaris (LV), 8 patients had scrofuloderma and 2 had tuberculosis verrucosa cutis.
Haematogenous spread from an internal lesion causing lupus vulgaris.
Scrofuloderma was the most common tuberculosis cutis seen in 35 (62%) patients followed by lupus vulgaris warty tuberculosis and tuberculids.
Finsen'e basta lupus vulgaris olmak uzere cesitli hastaliklarin sagaltiminda yogunlastirilmis isik yontemini (fototerapi) kullanarak tip bilimine sagladigi yeni acilim nedeni ile layik gorulmusutr.
Lupus vulgaris over tattoo mark-inoculation tuberculosis.