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The cutaneous features of LE may manifest as a spectrum with simple maculopapular rash and photosensitivity at one end and disfiguring and disabling lesions like lupus profundus, alopecia, scarring lesions, TEN like lesions and cutaneous vasculitis on the other end [1].
Other LE specific features like papulosquamous rash starting initially as macules or papules on predominantly sun exposed areas occurred in 15 patients (50%), lupus profundus in one patient (3.
A diagnosis of lupus profundus (LP) or lupus panniculitis was made based on these findings.
Lupus profundus is more common in women than men and most often presents as multiple subcutaneous nodules or plaques involving the upper arms, shoulders, buttocks, or face.
Kaposi first described lupus erythematosus panniculitis, also known as lupus panniculitis and lupus profundus, in 1869.