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Tall, invasive grasses and weeds can overwhelm the lupine and the checker-mallow, Messinger said.
Tapioca, soybean hull, wheat, soybean oilcake, lupine, and crain grass resulted in the highest C[H.
So, with all of these factors, how is it that Kincaid's lupine has become, quite literally, a "poster child" for rare species management?
Their organic pasture, home to Washington's largest concentration of the rare flower, represents the northernmost range of the Kincaid's lupine, a flower normally found primarily on the dry upland prairies on the western side of the Willamette Valley.
The scientists identified a direct relationship between lupine consumption, reduced fetal movement, and severity of skeletal defects in the offspring.
They received either a white bread group or a lupine kernel flour-enriched bread group for 16 weeks.
In 1997, the math major from Arizona State University, opened a retail store called Loopy Lupine Recycled Products that sold mainly household goods and items such as wallets made of old circuit board and bicycle inner tubes.
At the freeway ramp in question, there is also a massive display of royal blue lupine (Lupinus), a California native.
Meatless is a 100%-vegetable fibre, made from lupine and wheat that is said to have the characteristics and nutritional value of meat.
Strikingly illustrated in an unforgettable, solid-color style, Remember Beauty and Songs For a Blue Time recounts the fast bond between the lupine Great Lone Wolf and a tiny kitten called Buddha Baby.
From western wallflower, columbine, larkspur, shooting star, and lupine, to water hemlock, primrose, flax, scarlet penstemon, and bluebells, the flowers showcased in this very highly recommended reference include the individual flower's Latin name.
Rhodri our lupine hero looks on kindly from his bed at the cherub-faced youngster, still smacking his lips after devouring its previous occupant.
Moderately toxic: Azalea, black locust, Chinese lantern, Christmas cherry, stinging nettles, St John's Wort, deadly nightshade, dumb cane, ergot, horsetail, horse chestnut, larkspur, lupine, rhododendron and rhubarb leaves.