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Synonyms for lunula

the crescent-shaped area at the base of the human fingernail

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a crescent-shaped metal ornament of the Bronze Age

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grows beyond itself, lunula rising, like moon or mountain,
The lunula (LOON-you-luh), or white, half-moon-shaped area at the base of the nail is where nail growth happens.
This mixture forms a white crescent shape at the base of each nail called the lunula (LOO-nyoo-lah).
After digging around, he found a lunula - a crescent worn by tribal leaders.
The lunula is the white arc under the nail plate and demarcates the sterile from the germinal matrix.
The most frequently observed nail changes were longitudinal ridging, half and half nails, absence of lunula and splinter hemorrhages.
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8 length of frons, lateral margins with narrow silver pruinose fascia (adjacent to eye margin), slightly wider at antennal insertions; posterior orbital seta moderately strong, slightly longer than outer vertical seta; antennal scape and pedicel brown-grey pruinose, flagellomere 1 yellow pruinose basally, pitchy brown, grey pruinose apically, arista with 8 or 9 long dorsal branches and 3 or 4 ventral branches in addition to terminal fork; lunula yellow-grey pruinose; face with narrow silver fascia (adjacent to eye margin); occiput grey pruinose; gena narrow, eye height/genal height ratio: 10:1 (HT), silver pruinose throughout, very slightly darker beyond basal angle; palpus pale brown, brown microtrichose.
Place is central to my work, whether the layered geographies of the Forest of Dean, or the inscrutable lunula of my local beach in Llanrhystud.
The award - Y Lleuadydd Cymreig/The Welsh Lunula - was made on special commission by Celtic jeweller and craftsman Anthony Lewis.
In his first appearance, for the IRpounds 125,000 question, he said the lunula was part of the heart after phoning a friend, but the show claimed the correct answer was fingernail.
And the bigger the half-moon shape - the lunula - at the base of the nail, the longer you will live.
Tirnak yatagi ise lunula bitiminden baslar, hiponisyumda sonlanir.
The NAPSI scoring system evaluates nail bed psoriasis and nail matrix psoriasis by area of involvement in the nail unit and assesses eight characteristic features of psoriatic nail involvement, including pitting, leukonychia (discoloration), nail plate crumbling, red spots in the lunula (crescent-shaped area at bottom of nail), onycholysis (separation of nail from nail bed), nail bed hyperkeratosis (thickening of skin), splinter hemorrhages and oil drop discoloration.