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At worst," Bensman writes, "he's an absent-minded lunkhead who was unqualified to do the job.
Both teams had losing records, so I was surprised when I was notified that I had been named coach of the year - until I realized it was because I was the lunkhead who had volunteered to coach two teams.
We're trying to put out a newspaper and I've got that lunkhead in there and sometimes I feel like a baby-sitter.
Devastating and humiliating as the experience doubtless was for the women who were touched "inappropriately" by the Austrian lunkhead, their bringing it to the public attention five days before an election amounted to political blackmail which, if it had succeeded, would have opened the way to ever more outrageous and untested allegations in advance of every election.
Naturally, things don't work out quite that smoothly, leaving the foursome with half an hour to showtime and increasingly desperate attempts to wangle their way in that range from entering an amateur strip show to attempting to mug a young fan only to find out big lunkhead brother's not amused.
An engagingly eccentric caper with a cast adept at portraying lunkhead losers in an attractive manner.
Led ostensibly by the handsome blond lunkhead of the group (Simon Schwarz) but in reality by an unwed mother with an undeserved reputation for being a tramp (Sophie Rois), the workers make a go of collective farming--setting an example that the existing landowners don't like one bit.
Alan Keyes: Keyes is seeking to reverse the trend of failed candidates becoming talk-show hosts while proving that being a lunkhead transcends race.
My favourite, though, was her dad who, despite looking like the type of lunkhead who can't see the wood for the trees when it comes to noticing how overindulged his kids were, turned out to be a pretty decent bloke.
The terrific Amy Spanger goes beyond her early-Madonna look to shape a winning character out of Julia's amiably slutty cousin Holly, reluctant to admit the lunkhead in front of her might be Mr.
So what do we make of Lumet's latest crowd-pleasing courtroom drama, "Find Me Guilty," in which the filmmaker asks us to side with the 20 members of a Mafia crime family and, in particular, main character Giacomo "Jackie Dee" DiNorscio, a lunkhead lunatic serving hard time for loan sharking, fraud, extortion and drug-dealing?
He knows his queer history, and his wry asides about the men who helped forge that history (not to mention his bumbling response to a sexy ethical dilemma brought on by one of his lunkhead lit students) animate these little lessons considerably.
and he said "You know, that occasionally one of us might want to do it with the same sort of urgency those two kids had before, if that's what it was with them and not just some lunkhead scoring or a dumb girl trying to trap the guy by getting him to screw her when they had no protection during her most fertile period.
The Stern phenomenon is partially 9 outgrowth of the broader culture wars of the 1980s, when the uptight right attacked "filth" funded by the National Endowment for the Arts, rap acts NWA and Public Enemy stoked white fears, and the left sneered with horror at the rantings of comedian Andrew Dice Clay and talk-show lunkhead Morton Downey Jr.
A parody of Taxi Driver's Travis Bickle, he's a brainless lunkhead with a yawning gap between his ambitions and abilities.