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Synonyms for lunch

a midday meal

take the midday meal

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provide a midday meal for

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References in classic literature ?
Well, I am the most disinterested among you, after all,' said the first speaker,' for I never wear black gloves, and I never eat lunch.
HE punted back again amongst the water- plants, and took some lunch out of his basket.
You are to come to lunch at Hillingham tomorrow, two o'clock, so as not to arouse any suspicion in Mrs.
By no social law, rigid or implied, could he be supposed to linger round the lunch of the Anglo-Indian friends; but he lingered, covering his position with torrents of amusing but quite needless conversation.
To take her out to lunch appeared to be his chief hobby.
You'd better come and have lunch with me," I said to Dirk.
I've got my lunch waiting for me at home," she answered.
de Beausset, the man so fond of travel, having fasted since morning, came up to the Emperor and ventured respectfully to suggest lunch to His Majesty.
The lunch hour in the office was only partly spent by Denham in the consumption of food.
Naturally," the clerk admitted; "yet these gentlemen from Scotland Yard have special privileged, of course, and there remains the fact that you were engaged to lunch with Mr.
He says that if we can get down there in time to have lunch at two o'clock, he can show us over the 'Scorpion.
And before he went to his late lunch, Doctor Emory was away in his machine and down into the Barbary Coast to the door of the Bowhead Lodging House.
Have you any objection to my ringing for some lunch, before we are all taken off to London together?
By the time we have done that it will be pretty warm, and we will have lunch under the trees on the Island.
On the right, against the wall, was the free lunch counter.