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Synonyms for lumpenproletariat

a group of persons regarded as the lowest class

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(Marxism) the unorganized lower levels of the proletariat who are not interested in revolutionary advancement

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E un indizio corposo di quanto Striano, dai suoi possedimenti nell'arcipelago del disincanto, sia lucido nel considerare i feticci dell'ideologia e i pericoli derivanti dalla narcisistica convinzione della superiorita delle avanguardie rivoluzionarie rispetto alle classi subalterne o al Lumpenproletariat, di cui erano soci onorari i lazzari di Napoli.
We are the Lumpenproletariat among culturemakers, the Tupamaros of culturemaking--?
We cannot really call this new social stratum of cultural producers a class, yet its members (if much better dressed and perhaps more polished in their simulated manners) bear astonishing similarities to what Marx had long before identified as the Lumpenproletariat.
While Landauer made a clear distinction between anarchism and the anti-bourgeois Bohemian lifestyle, Muhsam revitalized the Bohemian concept by merging it with the Bakunian view of the lumpenproletariat as a potential subject of rebellion.
Akinyele Umoja of Georgia State University, a symposium attendee, engages the panel on Fanon's perspective on the lumpenproletariat.
The intellectual mechanisation that is reduced to governmentality, the management of work and non-work--the lumpenproletariat, the reserve army of labour--the training programs and reproduction are also the alienated provenance of this separation of mind and hand.
21) The ferocity of the economic crisis reduced most of what remained of this middle class to a lumpenproletariat that could hardly make ends meet.
Thus, with the far reaching influence of Frantz Fanon's version of the Marxist ideology which lays emphasis on the indispensability of the zealous peasants, lumpenproletariat, as the main revolutionary force in Africa (in the absence of a well developed urban proletariat), a good measure of the Brechtian aesthetics and a masterful infusion of African traditional symbols, Irobi has given us some of the best plays of revolutionary aesthetics in Africa, especially in Nwokedi and Hangmen Also Die.
Karl Marx, in his Eighteenth Brumaire of Louis Napoleon (1852), broadly classifies his lumpenproletariat as the unpredictable, uncontrollable, and unruly dregs left behind by the revolution, and Reed similarly casts a rather wide net in his definition of the underclasses, including in that category servants and slaves, apprentices and labourers, artisans and mechanics, pimps and prostitutes, criminals and pirates, immigrants and women: 'The theatricalized lower classes emerge from social encounters and perceived differences as much as from material conditions and collective consciousness' (5).
Tenure helps ensure that adjunct professors form the lumpenproletariat of the university system," Ms.
Thugs, the lumpenproletariat, and juvenile delinquents are easily enrolled as foot soldiers in totalitarian enterprises.
It is within this mass of humanity, this people of the shanty towns, at the core of the lumpenproletariat, that the rebellion will find its urban spearhead'.
the lumpenproletariat or mass of superfluous peoples, Arendt
Toda la musica popular cubana, la que conozco, la que vale, nacio en las ciudades: La Habana, Santiago, Matanzas, hecha por negros y mulatos y unos pocos blancos que tenian una sola cosa en comun: eran lo que Marx llamo lumpenproletariat y la burguesia llama vagos, elementos maleantes y hampa.