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Synonyms for lump

Synonyms for lump

an irregularly shaped mass of indefinite size

an unevenness or elevation on a surface

a small raised area of skin resulting from a light blow or an insect sting, for example

a large, ungainly, and dull-witted person

something justly deserved

to put into a disordered pile

to move heavily

Synonyms for lump

an awkward stupid person

a large piece of something without definite shape


put together indiscriminately

group or chunk together in a certain order or place side by side

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Hopefully, it is nothing to worry about; you can get benign fatty lumps and cystic growths within the skin, which are unlikely to cause many problems.
Although 8 out of 10 cases of breast lumps are not cancerous and undergoing biopsy is the only way to rule out breast cancer, says leading doctor Dr.
The lump could have been left alone and did not need to be removed at all," she said.
The Treasury regulations provide that the present value of any accrued benefit paid to a participant as a lump sum may not be less than the amount calculated using a specified applicable interest rate and mortality tables.
lt;BSamantha Roach and , inset, the mystery lump in her Coke
He cited a P6 billion lump sum that was not related to calamity at all, and covered instead a feasibility study, as well as drainage projects and road networks worth billions.
So plan sponsors were viewing the retiree lump sums as a way to de-risk fairly significant blocks of liabilities," he said.
These schools may face the penalty of cancellation of their registration if they dont refrain from charging lump sum fee for three months.
More than half of workers who elected to receive a lump sum from their 401(k) in 2014 rolled their money directly into a tax-qualified individual retirement account, according to new research.
For continuous quality control in hose and tube extrusion lines, Sikora lump detectors are just as essential as diameter measuring devices.
International Resource News-October 29, 2014--SIRVA launches upgraded Lump Sum Xpress service
In a paper, "The Illusion of Wealth and Its Reversal," researchers Daniel Goldstein, Hal Hershfield and Shlomo Benartzi attempt to answer the question, "Why do people more often choose the lump sum option instead of the annuity?
As more and more companies get rid of their pension plans, some offer their employees the choice of a lump sum or a monthly payout.
The lumps of the four-lump kinetic model include higher-, high-, low- and lower-reactivity portions (lumps 6, 7, 8 and 9, respectively).