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  • noun

Synonyms for lummox

a large, ungainly, and dull-witted person

Synonyms for lummox

an awkward stupid person

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The following scene is the shaven headed lummox with his head crushed in the cleavage of a pneumatic blonde.
Her lummox of a boss (a nuance-free Dean Cain), however, induces her to spend the weeks leading up to her nuptials working round-the-clock on a business deal far removed from her family and friends.
Cort had gone to Wolves with Sir Bobby Robson insisting the perma-injured lummox had provided value for money.
Pimply, simply, lummox, schlemiel, chasm, cleft (four times), chicken, spume.
A former teacher, the genial, stocky Irishman only launched into a full time acting career in 1990, but since then he's been seen to public and critical acclaim as Hamish in Braveheart, playing Michael Collins in the TV movie The Treaty and, most recentl y, as a dumb lummox petty criminal in the award winning I Went Down.
Ensslin, "there's always a great lummox who comes along.
Yesterday, as I was coming," Max said, "I saw her and that lummox Thanasi carry two bags out from the supermarket.
Some will rejoice that the big lummox of a striker who couldn't hit a cow on the backside with a laser-guided banjo has finally been punted.
He may look exactly what Equine Central Casting would send round if you asked for an archetypal old-fashioned chaser but he is more than just a staying lummox - there is plenty of engine and travel about him.
HeOs not the enormous fattie he used to be, but heOs still an overgrown lummox, so needs the extra legroom this mega-jeep gives him
After concluding that Ren has no conscience, Stimpy lets Ren borrow his conscience, guitar player Jiminy Lummox.
Unfortunately, before he could prove that big is not necessarily short for big lummox he died of TB.
When introverted hapless ex-con Git (Peter McDonald) and dense lummox Bunny (Brendan Gleeson) get dispatched by Dublin big man French (Tony Doyle) to recover an errant associate (Peter McDonald) and a missing pounds 25,000, the mismatched reluctant duo soon find themselves caught up in the middle of unfinished business and on the wrong end of somebody else's gun.
The fat lummox had got himself run over by a car, you see, causing all sorts of delays.