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  • noun

Synonyms for lummox

a large, ungainly, and dull-witted person

Synonyms for lummox

an awkward stupid person

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The following scene is the shaven headed lummox with his head crushed in the cleavage of a pneumatic blonde.
Shapiro conveys the earthy humor of her Fables, as in "The Peasant and the Beetle," where he hilariously describes the opening plight of the commoner protagonist: "A loutish lummox lay a-dozing,/Flat on his face, his arse exposing/ Unto the sun, with cheeks spread wide;/When lo
But then you might think about the time when that big lummox in the pub was decked by the pocket dynamo half his size.
There he was, basking in the glory of his top performance, when his soppy lummox of a dad stands up at the back and begs him for a hug.
He recounts that he went to Harvard, where his classmate was "that spritely lummox, Al Gore," and thence to Oxford, and that he was in the Israeli Air Force.
And so the company went the other direction: The 2010 Camaro SS, a big lummox of a car powered by thudding 6.
I begin by discussing the masochistic rituals of Marvin Busch and Royal Lummox, but primarily trace the theme of masculine anxiety through three protagonists--Bill Gaylord, Lieutenant Colonel Smithers, and Jacob Levy.
You really end up portraying yourself in one of two ways: A) Self-flagellating lummox dumb enough to enumerate weaknesses that can be used against you at a later date.
America the Lummox of Nations," he scribbled in his twelfth notebook, cursing the gifted tragic regression of Adam's emigre Expulsion:
This tale of companionship introduces listeners to John Stuart and his alien pet Lummox, an enormous beast that has been a companion to the Stuart children for generations.
including Poesia, Big Muddy, Lummox Journal, Backstreet, and Clark
Absorbing Beechum's effortless sarcasm and sharp ripostes, Corky begins to feel "like one of those big lummox heavyweights like Gerry Cooney confronted with one of those tough, squat, compact killers like Mike Tyson" (379).
Her lummox of a boss (a nuance-free Dean Cain), however, induces her to spend the weeks leading up to her nuptials working round-the-clock on a business deal far removed from her family and friends.
Cort had gone to Wolves with Sir Bobby Robson insisting the perma-injured lummox had provided value for money.
I thought, why not test the backbone of Lummox Press by doing a Buk toon, criticizing LP for jumping on the Buk $$$bandwagon of yet another Buk publication?