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Synonyms for lumberjack

a person who fells trees

a short warm outer jacket

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But the sport goes back to the 19th century when Aussie lumberjacks would test their skills.
Lumberjack System works seamlessly in tandem with Apple's Final Cut Pro X 10.
The 33-year-old intruder was introduced to the Australian viewers as a very manly man lumberjack who promised to take down Tim in his own game.
Tom, my older brother, was a lumberjack and does logging along with his day job.
More lumberjack styles have been brought in and extra stock has been sent to more stores to cope with the demand.
I started competing as a lumberjack athlete nine years ago.
While the tales of how the giant lumberjack Paul Bunyan used an entire lake to make pancake batter for his logging crew, or how he and Babe his blue ox logged off the Dakotas seem timeless, the first known Bunyan tales go back only to the early 1880s.
The poker professional from Shelby Township, Michigan, beat Darvin Moon, a Maryland lumberjack, to become the WSOP's 40th champion.
Licensed premises in Stockton, Billingham, Thornaby and Yarm were visited by 40 police officers as part of Operation Lumberjack.
Plenty of books on the market tell how to identify and care for trees; but few give the homeowner the tools to assess conditions and take one down, making THE BACKYARD LUMBERJACK an outstanding reference.
Phil Dunford from Corwen, North Wales, a member of the Welsh Lumberjack Sports team, which took part in the the European Lumberjack Sports Championship held at Ragley Estate, Warwickshire.
While this is more a season-in-the-life story than a plot-driven novel, the colorful characters, practical jokes, and well-researched details about the life of a lumberjack provide entertaining reading and give a good picture of life a century ago in the Minnesota woods.
Among initiatives is the growing Kapuskasing Lumberjack Heritage Festival des Bucherons that just recently celebrated its fourth year.
Spokesperson and lumberjack Dave Jewett (pictured above) will be the public face for the campaign.