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Synonyms for lumberjack

a person who fells trees

a short warm outer jacket

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Critique: A unique and invaluable work that is the latest addition to the outstanding University of Wisconsin Press 'Languages and Folklore of Upper Midwest" series, "Pinery Boys: Songs and Songcatching in the Lumberjack Era" is enhanced with historical photographs, an inventory of Franz Rickaby's Notebooks, a seven page Glossary, a three page Index of Titles, a three page Index of First Lines, and a two page Index of Singers and Song Sources.
DEADLY Lumberjack armed with chainsaw The claims will be seen by many as ironic after Kim Jongun's dissident brother Kim Jongnam was killed with a nerve agent in February.
Lumberjack System works seamlessly in tandem with Apple's Final Cut Pro X 10.
Lumberjack and lumberjill competitions pit contestants against their opponents' times in more traditional events such as one-man and two-man crosscut, axe throwing, underhand chopping, and log rolling.
Tom, my older brother, was a lumberjack and does logging along with his day job.
I started competing as a lumberjack athlete nine years ago.
While the tales of how the giant lumberjack Paul Bunyan used an entire lake to make pancake batter for his logging crew, or how he and Babe his blue ox logged off the Dakotas seem timeless, the first known Bunyan tales go back only to the early 1880s.
The poker professional from Shelby Township, Michigan, beat Darvin Moon, a Maryland lumberjack, to become the WSOP's 40th champion.
ACADEMIC HISTORIANS HAVE neglected the American lumberjack for too long.
Then I worked as a lumberjack, but couldn't hack it--so they gave me the axe.
Licensed premises in Stockton, Billingham, Thornaby and Yarm were visited by 40 police officers as part of Operation Lumberjack.
Plenty of books on the market tell how to identify and care for trees; but few give the homeowner the tools to assess conditions and take one down, making THE BACKYARD LUMBERJACK an outstanding reference.
It meant he was planning on entering a single buck (one person) sawing competition at a regional lumberjack event.
AKA Lumberjack Messiah) premiered at the Ontological-Hysteric Theatre on Jan.