lumbar vertebra

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one of 5 vertebrae in the human vertebral column

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Sacro occipital technique (SOT) recommends the use of pelvic blocks and sustained pressure at the lumbar vertebra to allow the nervous system time to accommodate, the local connective tissue to remodel, and the lumbar vertebrae to experience gentle rotation or lifting pressures.
In this study the classification of subjects was based on the average T-value for the four lumbar vertebra assessed.
The bottom contour of each successive lumbar vertebra is wider than the overlying one, though with a slight difference (P<0.
Key words: FEM, pedicle screw, lumbar vertebra, screw-bone interface
The differences were significant at the femur and first lumbar vertebra, but not at the other lumbar measurements.
He was taken to a hospital in Alanya where doctors reported a fracture of the third disk of his lumbar vertebra, a micro-fracture of his neck and a facial trauma.
Bone mineral density (BMD) and content of whole body, right tibia, right femur and fourth lumbar vertebra were assessed via dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry.
Note that when the posterior aspect of the lamina, which is located between the superior and inferior articular processes, appears in the lumbar vertebra it is called the pars interarticularis.
Adolescents also frequently develop pars stress fracture, an acute fracture of a vertebra, usually the 4th or 5th lumbar vertebra.
COVENTRY skipper Billy Hamill's compressed fracture of his lower lumbar vertebra was probably not sustained in last Friday's American National Championship round at Auburn.
These lesions were accompanied by bony destruction and sequestration of the fourth lumbar vertebra.
Dr Rick Arthur, who cares for the Jay Robbins-trained horse, could find nothing wrong with Tiznow, who suffered a strained lumbar vertebra after winning the Grade 1 Santa Anita Handicap.