lumbar puncture

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removal by centesis of fluid from the subarachnoid space of the lumbar region of the spinal cord for diagnostic or therapeutic purposes

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ICP-NI was monitored on day 12 (D12) and D34, always coupled with a programmed CSF lumbar puncture.
After taking informed consent from the parents, lumbar puncture was performed along with a random blood sugar to see how many children presenting with febrile fits have ABM.
05 for all associations), while lumbar puncture and zonisamide demonstrated decreased cost.
Atraumatic lumbar puncture needles: after all these years, are we still missing the point?
Lumbar puncture demonstrated a leukocyte count of 1,010 cells/pL (74% neutrophils, 12% lymphocytes, 14% monocytes), glucose 17 mg/dL, protein 258 g/L, and an opening pressure of >55 cm [H.
He said he would continue to routinely perform lumbar punctures in infants younger than 30 days with fever until the findings could be further validated.
So he decided to carry out a lumbar puncture, a procedure to investigate conditions in the brain.
Post lumbar puncture headache: Diagnosis and management.
Neck stiffness as cerebellar tonsils compress against the foramen magnum (as opposed to meningism from meningitis beware of performing a lumbar puncture in the patient with tonsillar herniation)
More than 2 attempts for lumbar puncture and fail to achieve a sensory T4 level were treated as failure and general anaesthesia was provided for Caesarean section.
A second attempt to do a lumbar puncture took four unsucessful attempts before I said enough.
Median number of days from the first positive lumbar puncture finding to the first positive MRI finding for patients with spinal and paraspinal infections and meningitis was 21 days (Table 2).
13) However, brain MRI is usually not necessary if there is a post lumbar puncture headache, being indicated only when headache is accompanied by abducens nerve palsy, lumbar radiculopathy or diagnostic confusion as a result of neck stiffness.
A lumbar puncture (spinal tap) helps in the evaluation of a brain infection.
Cerebrospinal fluid analyses remain the most accurate method for predicting the disease cause, but requires a more invasive lumbar puncture.