lumbar plexus

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a lymphatic plexus located along the lower portion of the aorta and iliac vessels

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a plexus of nerves formed by the ventral branches of the first four lumbar nerves

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Opioid-free analgesia following total knee arthroplasty--a multimodal approach using continuous lumbar plexus (psoas compartment) block, acetaminophen, and ketorolac.
Extent of blockade with various approaches to the lumbar plexus.
Both studies comparing continuous lumbar plexus block with continuous FNB for total hip arthroplasty found that patients ambulated earlier in the lumbar plexus group (23,24).
The technique is made possible by the anatomic fact that as the lumbar plexus descends between the quadratus lumborum and the psoas major muscles, it is invested by a fascial sheath of the two muscles.
No complications were noted, except for bilateral sensory block in two patients whose lumbar plexus had not been identified.
They found that there was no cephalad spread of local anaesthetic which could have resulted in a lumbar plexus block.
However, while it is true that Auroy et al "recorded only one case of cardiac arrest during a posterior lumbar plexus block, probably related to cephalad diffusion of the the local anaesthetic in the epidural space", Zanette et al do not mention that Auroy et al documented, in addition, two episodes of respiratory failure associated with the performance of a posterior lumbar plexus block, presumed due to cephalad spread via the epidural or intrathecal route'.
Zanette et al recently reported a complication during lumbar plexus block using the psoas fascia technique (2).
These patients underwent unilateral lower limb surgery and received sciatic nerve blockade (SNB) in addition to either femoral nerve blockade (FNB) or lumbar plexus block (LPB).
Cardiac arrest is a rare complication following posterior lumbar plexus block and its true incidence remains unclear and possibly under-reported (1,2).
An aortofemoral arteriogram was performed which ruled out haematoma-induced lumbar plexus compression.
A study of the paravertebral anatomy for ultrasound-guided posterior lumbar plexus block.