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Synonyms for lumbago

backache affecting the lumbar region or lower back


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for back pain and found that it can also be called lumbago.
The patch can be used for the following symptoms: migraine headaches; toothaches; shoulder, elbow, chest, knee, hip joint, kidney and neck pains; gout, tennis elbow; carpal tunnel syndrome; menstrual pains; phlebitis or varicose veins; muscle spasms; lumbago or herniated discs; pain from bone fractures; and insomnia for it reduces pulse rate by 10 percent.
After stealing the map and the two owners of the Squirty Squid Tavern, they set sail for the tropical island of Lumbago in the Sea of Sciatica, where things don't go according to plan A school spokesman said: "Stealing the show with his performance as Captain Redbeard was Devin Dy.
He has a lumbago (lower back pain) which has been going on for a few weeks.
Exactly, all there'd be left to gossip about is Maureen from sales' lumbago and whether or not Carl from the post room really had been caught driving naked from the waist down around the city centre ring road in the early hours of Sunday morning.
The microscopic and reductionist approach of the West works best for acute and single-gene conditions such as infections and Mendelian disorders, he says, and the macroscopic and holistic approach of the East potentially fare well in sub-clinical, chronic, and complex conditions such as lumbago, obesity, and aging.
1999 hemopytsis basal segment Sakiyama 60/F Lumbago Left posterior et al 2000 segment basal segment Lewis and 66/M Dyspnea Left lower Tsour 2000 lobe Singh and 53/M Hemoptysis Left posterior Nath 2001 basal segment Petersen 79/F Hemoptysis Left lower et al.
He's carried Arsenal so often he must have lumbago - but the Dutch striker was way off form here.
Surgery for LSS competes against a poor natural history, as compared with that of lumbago, in which 90% of episodes are resolved with conservative therapy within 3 months, or sciatica caused by a herniated disc, in which 90% of affected patients are improved with nonsurgical management by 6 months and 50% are asymptomatic at 1 year.
5 IGNORE HEALTH ADVICE LEMONS might give you lumbago, red wine might give you rickets, fish definitely gives you fingers.
This group is responsible for the adaptation of the guidelines relating to the manufacturing process: the checking of materials, the follow-up of the development of the LBM (API) and the LBP (drug), the description of the lumbago (drug) and its composition, levels of crossed contamination, analytical procedures and their validation, standards of reference, and the stability of the LBM (API) and the LBP (drug).
She said it was good for colds, lumbago, sciatica, you name it.
Presl on rocks), mburika ka'a (donkey herb), --Treatment of nausea, jagua ka'a (dog epilepsy, muscular herb) tonic, blood purifier, female contraceptive, abortive, menstrual analgesic, to facilitate child birth, post-partum washing, treatment of gastritis, asthma, lumbago and kidney infections.
The roots of Aralia continentalis (Araliaceae) have been widely used in oriental countries for analgesia, headache, rheumatism, lumbago, and lameness (Kim and Kang 1998).