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backache affecting the lumbar region or lower back


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The other case was a 65-year-old female patient who was admitted to our hospital with lumbago for three weeks and left leg pain.
Durante el periodo de prision preventiva, de acuerdo a lo acreditado en los informes medicos, ha desarrollado dos enfermedades: hipertension arterial (teniendo dos crisis hipertensivas que han requerido de asistencia medica en el Hospital Regional de Temuco) y lumbago mecanopostural, junto a una paulatina baja de peso (.
Yesterday I suffered from some lumbago (lower back pain) when I was switching the lights out," the 31-year-old said.
The sight of Per Mertesacker looking like he had lost a lingering battle with lumbago at one end and ear-cupping Giroud - whose assist for the clinching Danny Welbeck goal was his only nugget of positivity - just bumping into people at the other was emblematic of this edition's shortcomings.
Priced at a half-penny, the eightpage publication contained dozens of small adverts for everything from dynamite to magnetic belts that 'cured' lumbago, as well as a selection of lyrics for popular songs.
But one problem I've experienced in the last decade is sporadic bouts of lumbago.
Lorsque la douleur est brutale et intense on l'appelle lumbago.
He did not experience any frequency, urgency, or lumbago associated with urination.
Despite all the methodological difficulties, we could safely state that lumbago is probably the most widespread reported pain type, probably as widespread as headaches are.
As any sensible hypochondriac does I looked on the internet to see if there was any magical treatment it can also be called lumbago.
All of a sudden and before you knew it, a beautiful Christmas morning has broken but you have a throbbing headache, a bug in your tummy, the beginning of a cold and a hint of lumbago.
The diagnosis was arrived after Silva underwent an assortment of tests including MRI, CT scans and blood tests which all established that it was a case of lumbago.
If you remember seeing Sooper Cooper as one of Brucie's bottle blond Teenage Titans - or before - then you're probably starting to feel your lumbago a bit these days.
The patch can be used for the following symptoms: migraine headaches; toothaches; shoulder, elbow, chest, knee, hip joint, kidney and neck pains; gout, tennis elbow; carpal tunnel syndrome; menstrual pains; phlebitis or varicose veins; muscle spasms; lumbago or herniated discs; pain from bone fractures; and insomnia for it reduces pulse rate by 10 percent.
After stealing the map and the two owners of the Squirty Squid Tavern, they set sail for the tropical island of Lumbago in the Sea of Sciatica, where things don't go according to plan A school spokesman said: "Stealing the show with his performance as Captain Redbeard was Devin Dy.