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backache affecting the lumbar region or lower back


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Subsequently, relief of inflammation and pain associated with lumbago, scapulohumeral periarthritis, cervico-omo-brachial syndrome, and tendinists/tendosynovitis were approved as additional indications in June 2009.
Destaca en la evolucion del lumbago cronico el hecho que las discapacidades secundarias a esta, han aumentado exponencialmente desde la decada de los 80 (1), a pesar del progreso significativo que ha habido en su diagnostico (advenimiento de la TAC y RNM) y la aparicion de nuevas tecnicas quirurgicas.
Atoothache could get you a recommendation for marijuana--a bad back, lumbago, wearing high heels all day," was the comment Republican Bill Montgomery, a candidate for Maricopa County, Arizona, attorney, made about Proposition 203, which requires Arizona to adopt a regulatory system for the distribution of medical marijuana.
A 42-year-old man was admitted to our clinic with complaints of palpitation, intermittent fever, night sweats, lumbago, abdominal pain and loss of appetite for last one month.
Margaret heard only the first 30 minutes of the exhaustingly mundane account of Gerry Mason's white picket fence and how he set this up on the perimeter of his front yard despite an acute attack of lumbago.
After ending last season on a high, expectations were that a couple of quality signings to strengthen the ribs on our sturdy spine would see Liverpool restored to rude health at the top of the table; instead we seem to have developed a potentially debilitating case of lumbago.
He is not working with his usual zest, my aunt Maisie's lumbago is playing her up dreadful, and it looks a stronger field this year.
Like lumbago, you've got the rest of your life to worry about things like that.
Heck, the cards from the grocers alone, carried in one's wallet, will make a man tilt while sitting and suffer lumbago.
Lee's genuine essence and extract of mustard: a safe and effectual remedy for acute and chronic rheumatism, gout, palsy, lumbago, numbness, white swellings, chilblains, sprains, bruises, pains in the face and neck, etc.
Dr De Roos' compound renal pills, for instance, dealt swiftly with back pains, gravel, lumbago, rheumatism, gout, indigestion, nervousness and debility.
Does an Apple iPhone--for which early adopters paid a $200 premium--make calling Aunt Sophie, who still uses a rotary-dial phone, to ask about her lumbago that much better?
Los adeptos a esta practica pseudomedica llamada orinoterapia o uroterapia la recomiendan con entusiasmo, pues estan convencidos de que beber orina cura todo, desde un simple catarro hasta el cancer y el mal de Parkinson, pasando por hepatitis, disenteria, ictericia, lepra, urticaria, gonorrea, gota, asma, trastornos cardiacos, fiebre, parasitosis, tetanos, lumbago, reumatismo, tuberculosis, diabetes y otros varios cientos de etceteras.
Occupational drivers of industrial vehicles such as power shovels, bulldozers or tractors may suffer from chronic lumbago or low back pain after some period of engagement.