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Synonyms for lukewarmness

a warmness resembling the temperature of the skin

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lack of passion, force or animation

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At the conference, he admonished Mennonites for their lukewarmness, comparing them to the church in Laodicea--the message was repent, or die.
Not just at the lukewarmness of al fresco dining (guess who forgot the ice pack every time?
s lukewarmness, 60 percent (14 percent more than in the Presidential elections) had taken the trouble to go and cast their opinion.
tepidity and lukewarmness, and may bring my heart to a mollification, to a tenderness, as Job found it" (Sermons IX.
As examples, consider three well-known literary works that carry, very centrally, a condemnation of lukewarmness, fence-sitting, mindless conformity, habitual indifference: John Osborne's Look Back in Anger, Anthony Burgess's A Clockwork Orange, and Peter Shaffer's Equus.
Reasons adduced for such defiant behaviours by undergraduates were frustrations occasioned by incessant strike actions and the lukewarmness of the Federal Government to proffer solutions to problems of joblessness among youths in Nigeria.
Not that he gilds over lukewarmness in matters of moment with the title of "discretion"; but, withal, he is careful not to entitle violence, in indifferent and inconcerning matters, to be zeal.
And so a cast of thousands processes across Freehling's stage, some of them Southerners whose lukewarmness over slavery posed the disunionists' worst nightmare (e.
Any EU lukewarmness to backing the plan for Kosovo's "supervised independence," as recommended by UN envoy Martti Ahtisaari, is liable to increase the chances of a Russian veto in the Security Council against the plan.
As noted in Fierce Equation, "Decency is a conception of elegant moderation to Bishop Hall, of nauseating lukewarmness to Milton.
Lukewarmness and indifference towards religious duties, have been induced not only from their land, but from the great profit they now gain on their produce--Wheat, Gum Flax are in great demand, and prices very high.
It is an urgent call to remain steadfast despite suffering, to repent of complacency and compromise, to move from lukewarmness and the middle of the road to heated commitment, and from disillusionment and despair to confidence and hope.
Mr Hale was disappointed in his pupil's lukewarmness about Greek literature, which had but a short time ago so great an interest for him" (331), it is because Thornton is instead spending his evenings with the Higginses.