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marine worms having a row of tufted gills along each side of the back

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Hall Road beach, was fishing with a cocktail bait of squid and lugworm when she hooked her prize catch, which was released after being photographed.
So I baited up with a cocktail of peeler crab and black lugworm which would appeal to most fish,'' he said.
Ushing fresh lugworm bought from McDermott's Ashington, he showed his father and brother how it should be done.
The Skelton angler, 46, tempted the 11lb cod on a bait of lugworm and peeler crab cocktail fished around 80 to 90 yards out at Runswick Bay.
Kelly used lugworm and crab baits near to the 'funnel' and his best fish weighed in at 5lb 12oz.
Robin's haddock, which fell for lugworm bait, wasn't good enough to get him into the prizes as, at Ranny Pool, Dave Pilcher and the club's chairman Colin Boagey both hooked cod.
Another decent fish of 7lb 10oz was taken on lugworm from Hill 60 by Darren Donnelly.
Using several combination baits - including ragworm, ammo black lugworm, squid and razorfish - John was on a hot streak.
I dropped the bait of razor and lugworm until it hit bottom, then raised it six inches, and the fish was straight onto it.
Greasby's Lindfield was well clear with six dabs and eight whiting, caught on black lugworm and crab, for a 6lb 1oz total.
PRIZE FISH Llanharan's Steve G r ego r y, above, covered his hook with lugworm tipped with squid to tempt this 11lb cod when he fished at Ogmore Deeps and Mark Jones of, Church Village, caught this blonde ray of 16lb at Stout Point.
THERE are still codling of 2lb to 4lb being taken from rock edges at Hauxley, Cresswell, Bog Hall, Lynemouth Beach and Newbiggin Bay, with lugworm being top bait.
I caught both fish on black lugworm, cast between 100 and 200 yards out.
Although all the fish were full of razor clams, not a single fish fell to razor, all the fish being taken on big black lugworm and whiteworm.
Fishing across low water meant flatfish were the target and Kevin Martland was a clear winner with 13 dabs weighing a total of 5lb 4oz, all caught on lugworm tipped with mackerel.