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a railway car where passengers' bags are carried

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A railways official told that a child has died and 37 got others injured in economy class bogy, running third after the engine and luggage van, which both also overturned.
We bought the Old Luggage Van for pounds 240 from a builder who found it while clearing a site for houses.
Also, luggage of travellers by train or ship, whether carried as personal luggage or booked separately in the luggage van, will be out of the service tax purview.
The engine and luggage van of the passenger train were derailed in the accident disrupting railway traffic on the busy track.
A support and luggage van trails the group during the road ride so that you've nothing to worry about or carry.
All carriages are air-conditioned and non-smoking and there is plenty of additional luggage space for all your belongings, including a special luggage van for large items such as bikes, skis and windsurfers.
The Business Train would consist of 13 coaches including nine air conditioned coaches, two power vans, one luggage van and one brake van.
A total of 70 persons, including three railway employees, have lost their lives in the accident when three rear coaches including one luggage van and two unreserved general second class coaches of the Vananchal Express were affected, an Eastern Railway said in a statement, private news channel reported.
We have also increased the loading capacity of luggage vans attached with express passenger trains, he said and added that additional luggage vans could also be attached with passenger trains subject to the availability of load and demand by business community.
The deal includes the diesel-electric locomotives which top-and-tail the trains, and business and economy class coaches, sleeping, dining and restaurant cars, luggage vans and car-carrying vans which can be formed in various way to produce nine-car day or 13-car night trains.
A fleet of 164 Ford vehicles, made up of the Galaxy and SMax, as well as two coaches and luggage vans, will be used to transport more than 32,000 passengers, it said.
Saad said capacity of luggage vans had been increased from 10 tons to 15 tons and initially these new vans were working with Karachi Express.
Capacity of luggage vans had been increased from 10 to 15 tons and initially these new vans were working with Karachi Express, the official added.
The Railway has raised he capacity of luggage vans from 10 to 15 tons and initially these new vans are operating with Karachi Express.