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a railway car where passengers' bags are carried

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We bought the Old Luggage Van for pounds 240 from a builder who found it while clearing a site for houses.
There will be a repair van to help with any bike trouble, a luggage van, and an ice cream van for when you cross the finish line.
KARACHI -- At least a kid died and three dozen others injured when engine, luggage van and a bogy of the Lahore bound Shalimar Express derailed as a result of the blast on the track of railway near Ghagar Phatak on Tuesday night.
Apart from his bags and luggage van, he is bringing along around 700 kilograms of fresh flowers.
Also, luggage of travellers by train or ship, whether carried as personal luggage or booked separately in the luggage van, will be out of the service tax purview.
A support and luggage van trails the group during the road ride so that you've nothing to worry about or carry.
All carriages are air-conditioned and non-smoking and there is plenty of additional luggage space for all your belongings, including a special luggage van for large items such as bikes, skis and windsurfers.
Tenders are invited for Of the implementation of the passenger car repair specifically technical purposes 01572320 (carriage 1) and the luggage van specifically technical purposes 01572098 (carriage 1) in a volume reducing DR Registry train Moguilev RUE "Moguilev Branch Belarusian Railways"
He said that the train will comprise 13 luggage vans and capacity of one luggage van was 10 tonnes.
The engine and luggage van of the passenger train were derailed in the accident disrupting railway traffic on the busy track.
Tenders are invited for Supply Of New Pickup / Luggage Van
The running time of Parcel Train from Lahore to Karachi was around 22 hours and has 13 luggage vans and capacity of one luggage van was 10 tonnes.
Saad Rafique said that luggage van would also be introduced and it would be available in all big trains.
The Business Train would consist of 13 coaches including nine air conditioned coaches, two power vans, one luggage van and one brake van.