luggage rack

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carrier for holding luggage above the seats of a train or on top of a car


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The bag was placed in the luggage rack at Newcastle and was discovered missing in London.
Chris flies over Emily and lands in front of the car, ripping part of the luggage rack as he goes.
Items like air conditioning, power everything, remote entry, leather upholstery, alloy wheels, fog lights and luggage rack all come standard.
Keep luggage on luggage racks and off the bed or floor.
Quibbles: Testers commented on the lack of a side handle, making it slightly awkward at times to get from a car boot or train luggage rack.
The inquest also heard how a box marked "microwave" in a luggage rack sparked security fears and led to a search of the wreckage with sniffer dogs.
BMIbaby's hand luggage rack appears to be too small
Earl Howe added personal touches including new bumpers, rear-view mirrors on the A-pillars and a luggage rack.
The newcomer also has innovative roof bars that convert into a luggage rack.
Those who buy the popular machine between now and the end of October will get a free windscreen, luggage rack and 35-litre topbox.
Tenders are invited for Luggage Rack For Slr Coaches
Violinist Catrin Win Morgan had put her Stradivarius copy on a luggage rack while travelling to a teaching job.
The 25-year-old victim had left a bright pink-coloured suitcase in the overhead luggage rack on board a London to Birmingham train on January 12.
The prosecutor added that Mr Fu saw men standing near to the luggage rack and taking cases off the train but the train was busy and he was unable to get to it to check on it.