luggage compartment

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compartment in an automobile that carries luggage or shopping or tools

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They were checking the luggage compartment of a bus parked at a rest area in Seine-et-Marne, outside Paris, when they discovered the stolen painting, the French Ministry of Culture said, according to (https://www.
Porsche offers a luggage compartment management system for the Panamera Sport Turismo on request.
There are three main trim levels with this engine - 'SE',' 'SE Family' and 'SEL' - and all models feature air conditioning, fold-flat seating, a touchscreen radio system, an easy-open and roll-up luggage compartment cover and an electric parking brake.
According to the New York Daily News, cops told him to store the kirpan in the luggage compartment or find another way to travel.
First and foremost it is grandly appointed, with a host of comfort and convenience touches that include heated leather covered seats, automatic air-con, lights-on and key-in reminder, a lockable glove box and even an extra storage area under the rear luggage compartment.
A two-piece, carbon-fibre, detachable roof can be opened up in seconds, with each panel being stored in the front luggage compartment.
With a two-piece detachable roof made from carbon fibre Lamborghini says the Aventador Roadster can be opened up in seconds with each panel being stored in the front luggage compartment.
The 33-year-old Moussa was left dead in his car luggage compartment while the other victim Shkif was hospitalized by the Lebanese Red Cross where he is reportedly undergoing a critical surgery.
The 2 metre (7-foot) snake, whose mouth had been closed with masking tape, was found in a box in the luggage compartment.
The theft happened from the luggage compartment of a National Express coach some time between 4.
The luggage compartment measures up to 2,430 litres when the second row of seats is folded.
on Thursday unveiled the specifications of the Fit Shuttle hybrid wagon that it said feature a roomy luggage compartment and a high fuel economy of 30 kilometers per liter of gasoline.
Rear seat backrests are angleadjustable and fold down by activating the remote release lever in the luggage compartment.
Its first application is for the luggage compartment liner in the new Lexus CT 200h.
Toyota said that it will use the new plastic initially for a luggage compartment liner in the Lexus CT200h that is due to be introduced early next year.