luggage carrier

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carrier (as behind a bicycle seat) for luggage

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These include a stainless steel air intake mesh grille and so-called style bar, a centre storage pocket and rear luggage carrier.
caught fire Monday night on the Nagasaki Expressway in Saga Prefecture, burning its luggage carrier, the police said.
Wrapped in cellophane imprinted with bunnies, eggs and flowers, the marijuana was in a cartop luggage carrier, the patrolman said.
Her father Bill, deputy chief constable of North Wales Police, tried to warn his daughter her luggage carrier was coming loose.
There is currently an effective and efficient private luggage carrier system in place.
Bulky items such as bicycles, prams or boats do not belong inside the car but rather on a roof-mounted luggage carrier or in a trailer.
AN INVENTOR based in Coventry has launched a new luggage carrier that could emerge as a replacement for car trailers.
The left rear outside tire fell off immediately, rolled and damaged a luggage carrier belt, said Southwest airline spokeswoman Carol Pearson.
I am a 69-year-old woman and it is difficult to get my husband on to the bus then fold the chair and lift it into the luggage carrier, I can just about manage this with a heart complaint.
CCTV operators spotted the group, including seven teenagers, pushing the drink in a luggage carrier and wheelbarrow.
Sears recommends checking the size and quantity of your belongings before you pack the car, and if necessary consider a car-top luggage carrier.
With a long list of standard features, including drivers side air bag, SmartTrak, air conditioning, tilt leather steering wheel, power door locks and windows, aluminum wheels and luggage carrier - to name a few, Bravada is poised to bring the "Oldsmobile advantage" to new customers.
A rooftop luggage carrier and an AM/FM stereo cassette are also part of the package which, priced at $19,995, combines car-like safety, security and comfort with the flexibility of a minivan.
Apart from ferrying shopping from store to door, trolleys make very useful luggage carriers, especially at this time of year when they are packing up for the holidays.
Roof Rack: Removable rack accommodates, bike, ski, watersports and luggage carriers.