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Synonyms for luff

(nautical) the forward edge of a fore-and-aft sail that is next to the mast

the act of sailing close to the wind

Related Words

sail close to the wind

flap when the wind is blowing equally on both sides

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The Labour MP confirmed Mr Luff had agreed to a joint meeting with the Department for Business to discuss the site's future.
Addressing the recent MoD White Paper 'Defence Through Technology', Luff discussed some of the changes taking place at the Ministry of Defence which he said are aimed at improving the procurement of defence equipment and maximising efficiencies within the department.
Answering a question from Tory backbencher Andrew Stephenson (Pendle), Mr Luff said: "We are committed to providing sustainable support for science and technology across all aspects of defence.
With four minutes remaining Luff completed his hat-trick and Yapp added the extras to secure victory.
Luff said all indications are that "things are getting done" through the third party manager.
Mr Luff said: "The safety of our nation depends on all the inmates of prisons like Long Lartin being kept securely.
Glamorgan Wanderers: J Pocock; R Budina, C Johnson, S Rosser, R Lock; S Sneddon, H Trelawney; N Trevett, J Richards, S Andrews (capt), T Evans, A Luff, M Al-Azzawi, G Knight, B Rose.
There could be no compulsion to replace subpostmasters who retire," Mr Luff said.
Luff opens with a description of Johnson's early years.
Time I really wanted to bail: 36 minutes in, when Trump's first wife, Ivana (Katheryn Winnick, with an amusing Czech accent), purrs, ``Vould you like to be making luff, Donald?
Jamie Luff said in a poster presentation at a meeting sponsored by the International Association for Women's Mental Health.
We had to develop a new table because mortality improved at different rates in different areas, so you couldn't even apply a percentage across the old tables," said Jack Luff, experience studies actuary for the Society of Actuaries and a participant in developing the new table.
TORY MP Peter Luff says asylum seekers should be housed in Portakabin barges rather than centres planned for rural areas.
It is a bit like a student hall of residence," said Mr Luff.
The Luff Family and Whole Foods Market Make Financial Commitments to BVSD School Food Reform Effort