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Now together the Lues tackle each hectic day with fervor.
The Lues, like other professional couples, share grocery shopping, laundry and dry cleaning responsibilities, too.
Though it appears that the Lues have smoothed over every rough edge, Heidi says the pressures of juggling home, family and careers can be overwhelming.
Black and Lues to our efforts as we translate this important discovery further into clinical application," said Dr.
Lues has acted as a research and development advisor to venture capital and biotechnology companies.
Lues added, "I'm looking forward to collaborating with Dr.
The Tai Lue communities claim rights to their community forest within the park, but their village sites and paddy lands lie in a valley outside of it.
Like Jonsson's Mien consultants, the Tai Lue and Lua in this case are engaged in projects of self-definition and claims to rights in response to state regulation and its discursive and political-economic elements.
Tai-speakers like the Tai Lue tend to be conceptually linked with the lowlands and paddy farming, and so they are by definition not 'hill tribe forest destroyers' who practice 'shifting agriculture'.
In Wooden Fish Songs, she chooses to tell the story of the male protagonist from the points of view of three women: Lue's mother, Sum Jui, who permits her youngest son to leave for the United States to protect him from her sister-in-law's jealousy; Fanny, the white woman who suppresses her erotic feelings in order to "adopt" Lue into the United States; and Sheba, the African American who wryly observes Lue's attempts to enter US society as a class-race equal.
If Lue is the historical hero, he is also an anti-hero, blinkered by Western-conditioned prejudices against his "pagan" people, defended by an egocentric solipsism from Fanny's devouring, repressed emotions, and alienated by his eccentric position - the lone Chinese in a black-and-white society from the white Christian world he yearns to gain admission to.
In an effort toward more efficiency and accuracy, Lue (medicine, National Taiwan U.
The combined offering features a compact Java browser and database that can benefit small device vendors across various platforms," said Calvin Lue, president of NetClue Corp.
Calvin Lue, president of NetClue, said, "We are glad to work with DevelopOnline and the other top-tier Java solution providers to integrate our Java-based Web browser in this versatile software stack.