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Sure there are scenes of grenades being set off in airplanes to kill zombies and other instances of bloody ludicrousness, but you get the sense that this wasn't made to be just another summer blockbuster.
Seriously, he compared a man giving birth to food as being in the same realm of ludicrousness as Joshua telling Hannah she is beautiful and wanting to spend the day with her," Morrissey wrote.
The utterances of alien life forms observing the ludicrousness of our situation?
He expressed his own belief in the ludicrousness of the end-of-the-world argument.
However, just as I was about to tear all the stuffing from the armrests of my own sofa in sheer, white-knuckled temper at the absolute ludicrousness of it all, I decided, "If you can't beat them, join them.
He seems to get the ludicrousness of what he is doing in ways that Moyles refused to accept.
Philip's brother Graeme, 33, said: "It highlights the ludicrousness of the 3.
Second, scholars, noticing the comedic and playful tone of the dialogue, in particular, the comic ludicrousness of Ion, (2) have had trouble finding a serious philosophical point in it, with earlier scholars going so far as to declare the dialogue spurious.
When the vaginal fairness cream was launched with a commercial that showed a woman feeling on top of the world after applying the product, the ludicrousness of the situation made it the butt of jokes around the globe.
With this exposure, Jack's desired narratorial distance, and the corresponding generic tropes that have sustained it, collapse and he has no recourse but to face the postmodern ludicrousness of the event, especially as access to information becomes even more fluid and uncertain than the reports of symptoms and their effects.
H]e returned from the savagery of where he'd been to the solid and orderly ludicrousness of a dinner party.
The problem with kowtowing to the agenda of politicised minorities is that you get the kind of ludicrousness now enshrined in Labour's 2010 Equality Act which David Cameron shamefully allowed onto the statute books.
As Youssef poked fun at Mostafa's paranoid views and Okasha's outrageous counter-revolutionary commentary, viewers took delight in seeing the ludicrousness of the pair given a proper send-up.
One may be amused by the ludicrousness of the language, the sheer ineptitude of Lamont's descriptions, or bemused by the thought of anyone having the sort of stamina detailed there, but even that type of engagement lasts only so long--and not as long as the section, which may seem to last forever.
At odds with the confidence to which his painterly ability and formal imitation aspire, these sad-sack figures with their pinheads, childlike props, and cliched costumes betray a vulnerability and an embarrassment, which combine pathos with ludicrousness.