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Though taking no part in the wailing (for obvious reasons), the Friar still contributes to the ludicrousness of the scene; he protests too much, surely, with his extravagant upbraiding of Juliet's parents for being sorry that their daughter is dead and gone to heaven.
CONSISTENT only in its ludicrousness, this Exorcist rip-off is so godawful you'll need a saint's patience not to giggle.
Even at the pre-trial hearing the ludicrousness of the situation was not lost on the presiding judge who declared the subject of the dispute could well become "the most expensive hedge in Warwickshire".
To anyone capable of grasping basic logic, acknowledging the ludicrousness of the cutoff would seem cut and dried.
But I can't help but imagine the sheer ludicrousness of applying many of these developments in Lebanon.
It's mostly images that capture the day-to-day moments and the mild ludicrousness of the tie that binds us, skateboarding, with a few choice guest shots for good measure: Newton and Spike.
Watson's 2011 publishing phenom is far from a snooze; the bad news is that it's the film's escalating, po-faced ludicrousness that holds attention.
What appealed to Surtees far more than the ludicrousness of the Cockney character, as what appealed to Chaucer far more than the ludicrousness of the Miller, or Shakespeare the ludicrousness of Falstaff, was the figure's self-possession, his need to be heard.
The fact that Pope Francis dresses just like all the Popes who preceded him should show up the ludicrousness of the mainstream media.
It is not my intention to address their varied and sometimes entertaining suggestions in order of ludicrousness but it's impossible not to start with idea of creating a tournament with South African franchises/ clubs.
Each one of them was on a mobile phone and the ludicrousness of it would have made for a great photograph.
He could see political machinations but couldn't see the ludicrousness of annexing a personal crime to a political context.
Sure there are scenes of grenades being set off in airplanes to kill zombies and other instances of bloody ludicrousness, but you get the sense that this wasn't made to be just another summer blockbuster.
Seriously, he compared a man giving birth to food as being in the same realm of ludicrousness as Joshua telling Hannah she is beautiful and wanting to spend the day with her," Morrissey wrote.
He expressed his own belief in the ludicrousness of the end-of-the-world argument.