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It is a heavy annoyance to a writer, who endeavors to represent nature, its various attitudes and circumstances, in a reasonably correct outline and true coloring, that so much of the mean and ludicrous should be hopelessly mixed up with the purest pathos which life anywhere supplies to him.
but the notion, after his aquatic life, of a man being sea-sick, was too ludicrous, and he was generally obliged to turn on one side to hide a smile or laugh, and then he would repeat his "Poor, poor fellow
After our first feeling of grave astonishment was over, nothing could be more ludicrous than the odd mixture of surprise and imitation which these savages every moment exhibited.
But you called the situation just now, a ludicrous one; and most men object to that, even those who are utterly indifferent to everything else.
I own to the weakness of objecting to occupy a ludicrous position, and therefore I transfer the position to the scouts.
If I choose thus to be banal, it is only to remind you that Collier's theories are today as exploded as the ludicrous deductions of the Spanish school.
And to an audience such anger would be highly ludicrous.
It also gets the famed Ludicrous and Ludicrous Plus modes for warp speed acceleration and a claimed range of 612km between charging.
I wrote then: "Never mind chewing gum-chomper Sam Allardyce - aka Big Sam and Fireman Sam - football is such a fast-moving and ludicrous business, I wouldn't be surprised if the fictional Fireman Sam was towards the top of the betting to be Everton's next manager by the time this column is published.
Ludicrous proportions THERE is constant criticism aimed at the level of prize-money, with various suggestions put forward to address the problem.
Sally Mortimer, of union Unite, called the charge ludicrous.
24 -- Tesla has announced that its new Model S P100D with Ludicrous mode is the third fastest accelerating production car ever produced.
If he does it still won't be the most ludicrous thing to have happened in this enjoyably ludicrous drama.
Both P90D variants integrate the same front and rear motors, but the Ludicrous option allows the combined battery-limited power to increase from 463bhp to 532bhp.
COLUMNIST George Tyndale reports that Jess Phillips couldn't truly articulate her views on Question Time, that her message was terminally muddied and that her comparison with Cologne was ludicrous.