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The Mrs Mops will get pounds 255,000 each after their lucky dip ticket was among four winners of the pounds 16.
Les said: "When I went to the cash-point before going to Tesco to buy two lucky dip EuroMillions tickets I was pounds 68 overdrawn.
He said: "It was about 1am on Sunday and I had a couple of lucky dips to check.
Previous winners: Ken Harry and Sandra Fosbrooke scooped Wales' biggest ever Lottery jackpot when they won pounds 12,835,726 after Ken bought a lucky dip for a Lotto Extra draw in June 2005.
Colin Bradley, 44, and wife, Pauline, 48, from Preesall, Lancashire, hit the jackpot after ditching their regular numbers for a lucky dip.
The previous week, Steve won pounds 10 with a lucky dip.
She told how a 'funny feeling' made her pick six numbers rather than go for the lucky dips she has placed for the past four years.
HOW TO ENTER: For a chance to win 100 0901 055 0096 EuroMillions Lucky Dips to play for tomorrow's pounds 110million* jackpot, correctly answer this question: How old is the EuroMillions game?
During the day there will be raffles and lucky dips.
Mrs Walker said: ``We just chose lucky dips for the first time.
The survey found redheads are twice as likely as black-haired people to win at bingo and are most likely to have won on scratch cards, lucky dips and bingo.
And we've teamed up with The National Lottery to giving 150 readers the chance to win 50 free Lucky Dips for Saturday night's pounds 15million Lotto Superdraw PLUS 50 free Dream Number Lucky Dips.
The Daily Mirror and The National Lottery are offering 150 readers 50 free Lucky Dips for Saturday's pounds 15million Lotto Superdraw PLUS 50 free Dream Number Lucky Dips.
He said: "In the Lotto, we play regular numbers but in EuroMillions we decided on lucky dips.
The guys clubbed together for a night out and at the end of it we had pounds 7 left over and decided to buy a few Lucky Dips.