lubricating system

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mechanical system of lubricating internal combustion engines in which a pump forces oil into the engine bearings

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The objective of this work is to measure the viscosity, pressure and temperature of the lubricating system with a same sensor even in the small pipelines where large scale sensors cannot be used.
From the blade cartridge and the lubricating system, to the handle and trimming blade, we looked at every element of this razor and redesigned it to create a markedly improved shave experience for men.
The new cylinder lubricating system will be fitted to all Wartsila RTA84C and RTA72U engines in the owner's fleet of container ships.
The zinc lubricating system counteracts with MAPE and cancels out the effect of the compatibilizer.
In this case we would suggest a simple automatic side chain lubricating system.
It is equipped with an auto lubricating system and a double-spindle clamp cylinder design that increases clamp speed, says Dima.
They can also be used as a smaller version of a complete central lubricating system, delivering grease to multiple points without an outside supply of energy or controls.
The cage also acts as a reservoir for lubricants, eliminating the need for an external lubricating system.
To affect lower particulate releases, fuel type and burn conditions, combustion-product capture and reburn and lubricating system bypass and temperature are all being re-evaluated in the engine design.
A centralized lubricating system with adjustable oil and grease feeders is available from Farval Systems, Inc.
The automated pipe lubricating system that holds a large supply of lubricant, keeping it free of contamination.
Because of its special lubricating system, the engine can be operated in a variety of positions, Robin said.
The company says the CorAide device utilizes a magnetically suspended flow pumping mechanism that uses the moving blood as its lubricating system.
reduction gearbox with lubricating system, generator, starter and fuel pump
Tenders are invited for Auto Lubricating System Spares For Be-1000 Hyd.