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Synonyms for lubricant


Synonyms for lubricant

a substance capable of reducing friction by making surfaces smooth or slippery

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Numerous application tests and practical experience testify to the excellent operational capabilities of the lubricant products created by iNTERSPARE Lubricants.
Automotive Lubricants for Africa - Brand Awareness, Market Share, Sales Channel Analysis and Market Size & Forecast to 2020
This plant brings our world-class lubricant production capability to Indonesia, strengthening our global supply chain.
The global markets for automotive coolant and lubricant are estimated to grow at a promising rate of 6.
While these findings involve the use of water-based and silicone-based lubricant, researchers also found that study participants reported fewer genital symptoms - and, in particular, fewer reports of genital pain - when they used a water-based lubricant.
The market demand for lubricant oil is forecast to plunge 30% in 2009 compared to last year.
This rubber lubricant has proven to provide excellent lubricity, a low coefficient of friction and superior slip/stick properties, according to the firm.
Hy Dense calcium stearate HP granular and RSN powder for rigid PVC pipe and siding lubrication and other multiple applications requiring a lubricant with reduced dusting, easy handling, and consistent quality.
The analysis reveals the molecular behavior of a common lubricant additive, whose mode of action had remained mysterious since the additive's introduction in the late 1930s.
Although biobased products do hold certain natural advantages over petroleum fluids, their shortcomings are what allowed mineral oils to capture and keep the bulk of the lubricant market.
Since then it has kept pace with international lubricant technology and has always been in the forefront of development and production of quality lubricants.
It is possible to save millions of dollars per year through a lubricant cost reduction of 48% to 74%.
Targeted to manufacturers, marketers and major lubricant users, the title covers such topics as synthetic and specialty lubricants, low-noise lubricants, company information and developments, global trends, autos/fuels, and management issues.
When implementing a lubrication program (or upgrading an existing plan), begin by contacting your lubricant vendor, who can assist in worker training, engineering, testing for worn gear reducers and hydraulic systems, and locating special lubricants designed for specific systems.