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Synonyms for loyalty

Synonyms for loyalty

faithfulness or devotion to a person, a cause, obligations, or duties

the condition of being closely tied to another by affection or faith

Synonyms for loyalty

feelings of allegiance

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the act of binding yourself (intellectually or emotionally) to a course of action

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Newly named LFPA president Iain Webster, former senior executive of British Airways' executive club and the Qatar Airways privilege club, says the association's formation is in response to criminal activity by fraudsters who exploit weak links in loyalty and reward programs' earn-and-burn chains.
The assumption that irrational, emotional engagement with customers is the sole domain of the brand marketing function* Why the word 'loyalty' is a misnomer in loyalty marketing and can steer programmes in the wrong direction* The reason why some loyalty programmes are undermining, rather than enhancing, corporate value, brand values and customer relationships.
Congress envisioned Loyalty Day as a day when "patriotic citizens held parades, flag ceremonies, public meetings, school programs and other American activities throughout the nation.
The #2 reason for loyalty and longevity is that Dr.
A typical observation during the last decade was that employee loyalty has eroded and is "continuing to slide" (Jackson, 1997).
The trouble, it seems, is finding a way to serve the public, and the president, that culls the best of loyalty and disloyalty.
Furthermore, since our lives tend to be structured by various communities of loyalty, how should we handle the conflicts of loyalty that sometimes confront us?
Facing the Challenges of Building Loyalty and Retention: The New Strategic Imperative, a new survey from SAS, a leader in business analytics and integrated marketing management, and Loyalty 360 - The Loyalty Marketer's Association, found that although companies are putting increased focus on loyalty and retention programs, only 24 percent consider the efforts very effective.
for them potentially being unemployed is not their idea of having a good time,'' said Barton, who also noted that loyalty is only as robust as the economic pressures in a given sector.
With Loyalty Partner Solutions we have a skilled partner at our side to continue expanding our customer loyalty programme,' said Hans-Joachim Luhm, Director Price Management, Customer Loyalty and Marketing at DB Bahn Fernverkehr.
a leading provider of voice-of-the customer solutions that help companies capitalize on engagement, and Loyalty 360, the Loyalty Marketer's Association, an unbiased, market driven "voice of the customer" clearinghouse, will unveil key findings from a loyalty practitioner joint industry survey titled "Loyalty Insights Study" at the Loyalty Expo, May 31 to June 2 at the Westin Diplomat in Hollywood, Florida.
Dealerships already consider IMN Loyalty Driver the gold standard in e-newsletter services, and now we're raising that standard by creating an even more efficient model," said Brian Epro, Director of IMN's Automotive Services Group.
NEW YORK -- The inaugural Net Promoter Conference concluded today following an intensive one-and-a-half day program on practical approaches for improving customer loyalty with the Net Promoter([R]) Discipline.