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with loyalty


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Then Robin Hood bowed his head and taking the ring, kissed it right loyally, and then slipped it upon his little finger.
An imperceptible signal passed between husband and wife, meaning that they grasped the situation and would stand by each other loyally.
I replied that I felt that if we had all worked loyally together we should leave Caprona upon a common footing, and to that end I suggested that should the remote possibility of our escape in the submarine develop into reality, we should then immediately make for the nearest neutral port and give ourselves into the hands of the authorities, when we should all probably be interned for the duration of the war.
She had made a bad bargain, but she intended carrying her part loyally to the bitter end--if she could manage to secure a temporary reprieve, though, she felt that she was warranted in doing so.
When on leaving College the cadets were received by the Emperor, he did not again refer to Kasatsky's offence, but told them all, as was his custom, that they should serve him and the fatherland loyally, that he would always be their best friend, and that when necessary they might approach him direct.
Jerry wriggled his body in delight of obeying, and would loyally have presented his head to her outreaching caress of hand, had not the strangeness and difference of her deterred him.
In all of which Ernest joined loyally and energetically, though he could not forbear, now and again, from saying, apropos of nothing in particular, "When it comes to powder, chemical mixtures are better than mechanical mixtures, you take my word.
And yet with all this rugged pride of manhood and self-help, was there ever soul more tenderly affectionate, loyally submissive to what was really higher than he?
He was a friend of George Meredith, Burne-Jones, Morris, Rossetti (to whom he loyally devoted himself for years), and the painter Whistler.
And now we must serve the Bourbons, and loyally, sir; for, after all, France is France, as you were saying yesterday.
How she had disliked improvements, yet how loyally she had accepted them when made
And we--we bear loyally what is apportioned unto us, on hard shoulders, over rugged mountains
So long as you were his, or so long as I supposed you to be his, I hid my secret loyally.
The woman meant well, he said, after all, and could be trusted to keep his secret loyally.
This is an appeal I am making to your conscience," he said, suddenly, in an explanatory tone, "not to add to the wretchedness of all this: to try loyally and help me to live it down somehow.