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Synonyms for lowness

a position of inferior status

a low or small degree of any quality (amount or force or temperature etc.)

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As we proceeded along the Beagle Channel, the scenery assumed a peculiar and very magnificent character; but the effect was much lessened from the lowness of the point of view in a boat, and from looking along the valley, and thus losing all the beauty of a succession of ridges.
Thus do they, sir; they take the flow o' th' Nile By certain scales i' th' pyramid; they know, By th' height, the lowness, or the mean, if dearth Or foison follow.
This should not be surprising, bearing in mind the lowness of bond yields and annuity rates, and the collapse of public trust in financial intermediaries.
McColley says that these lines are "one of Marvell's inversions of highness and lowness, pride and humility, that question hierarchies by sudden shifts of perspective" (24).
Means: to identify the extent of highness or lowness of the research items responds regarding the main domains taking into consideration that it may be useful for arranging the domains as per the highest mean.
Yet, sadly so, scenes like these are now so infrequent that it seems they no longer exist and those rare ones that still occur from time to time remain largely unobserved, or rather ignored, especially when related to the sinful exhibitions frantically displayed by the less than virtuous, non-God-fearing people with no common sense who have no regret for their lowness.
The lowness of pap smear test rate could be attributed to the lack of sufficient knowledge on cervix cancer.
Among their topics are estimating the cost of environmental degradation in India, natural solutions to environmental issues: the case of the textile sector, climate change burden sharing: a reappraisal of the equity debate, the importance of excess female mortality in explaining lowness of the sex ratio in India, subsidized credit versus public works program in rural India, and the software sector in Bangalore and Hyderabad.
According to Sen, "Poverty must be seen as the deprivation of basic capabilities rather than merely as lowness of incomes" (Sen, 1999, p.
6), with its meanness more closely approximating the "rudest breeds" of shepherds he has dwelt among and, by extension, the lowness associated with pastoral in dominant literary career models of the English Renaissance (ix.
Due to distinctive ecological peculiarities, the rural environment of Iran has a verity of spatial structures, factors such as climate lowness and highness, physical conditions of ground, water resources and other natural factors, have been quite effective in formation of rural spaces and establishment of villages.
Explain that the term pitch means the highness or lowness of a sound.
Compared with the method described in Gallant and Dowling (2003), this version uses standard deviation of elevation as well as slope to define 'flat' areas, and combines the indicators of flatness and lowness using a minimum rather than multiplication, similar to a fuzzy 'and' operation.
Quarry Green were 6-1 winners over Mersey with Connor Wright (3), Greg Lowness, Brad Platt and Brian Flynn netting.
Then, for more years, I tediously cleaved to the whole Morrissey "her very lowness with her head in a sling" line, but that's teenagers for you.