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Synonyms for lowlife

a person who is deemed to be despicable or contemptible

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She said: "Another lowlife who thinks the world owes them a living.
If there is any consolation, it would be that the political 'lowlife' type is present in every country, especially the United States, where political lowlifes are also known by their other name: Likudniks (but not Jews, because the majority of American Jews are moderate liberals).
When we got into the taxi, my two friends in the back, myself in the front, the lowlife and sidekick proceed to try to share our taxi, while sitting on top of my friend and forcefully asking the driver to take them to Gabalfa.
WHEN it comes to behaving like scum, the lowlife never seem to take a holiday - not even at Christmas.
One question you gotta ask yourself is, how did these lowlife party scumbags turn a photocopied little 'zinc into this?
When some lowlife creeps at school try to get him to blackmail an obnoxious star soccer player on the school team, while the cops want him to be a snitch for them and report on the lowlifes' activities, PJ is in one dangerous situation after another, and he must figure out the right thing to do.
My partner and I both work very hard to provide for our daughter and I was horrified to discover while out shopping with my daughter in the town on Saturday, that some lowlife had stolen my purse out of my daughter's pram.
Dylan does not want a wife as he has enough troubles, but especially not one from his lowlife relatives that he always avoided.
As his name dearly and overtly implies, Scamz is a lowlife con artist who employs services of anyone--mostly women--with access to confidential financial information.
These erotic photographs remind us that over the years Garcia Alix has been associated with a lowlife aesthetic.
Defence solicitor Des has another lowlife client in tonight's The Bench.
Scheduled for a February opening at the Manhattan Theatre Club is The Wild Party, a new musical based on the 1928 poem by Joseph Moncure March epitomizing fevered Manhattan lowlife in the jazz era.
But as lowlife talent agent and Mari's current boyfriend Ray Say (Michael Caine) soon discovers, there's a stack of gold records beating inside the trembling heart of this reluctant little nightingale.
HE'S a rapist, an ill-mannered thug, a lowlife excuse for a man who resorts to biting instead of fighting.
Worek Judaszow (1600; "Judas' Sack"), satirized the lowlife of Lublin.