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Synonyms for lowest

opposite to or farthest from the top

Synonyms for lowest

lowest in rank or importance

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In London, The Europa is offering the lowest rate of $26.
What are the lowest and shortest number names that include all the modern Roman numerals IVXLCDM?
Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Co, known as du, retreated to the lowest since March.
Of the four LCS teams (Phillies, Giants, Yankees, Rangers), the vaunted New York Yankees are not the highest priced tickets on the resale market, but rather the lowest of the four.
The force also has the lowest rates for burglary, robbery and vehicle crime, with burglary falling by more than 20% and robbery by 30%.
Other major achievements have been significant improvements in the delivery time of benefits, disabled facilities grants and a reduction in bed-blocking which is at its lowest level in six years.
On that date, A's ownership is 40%, and A's lowest percentage of ownership of Loss Co.
The i-280 Extended Cab S was cited as the "Top Winner" among compact pickups for lowest repair costs.
The lowest quantum state of neutrons in such a system was observed in a recent experiment at the Institute Laue-Langevin [3].
Costs among the sickest patients (those with the lowest CD4 cell counts) come to nearly triple those among individuals whose disease is least advanced.
In reviewing the volume swell data, the AEM-DLS compound had the lowest swell measuring consistently between 7-8%.
The Spartan-3 family is the only 90nm FPGA family in production and is the highest density and lowest cost FPGA family in its class.
The three-month rate was the lowest since these bills hit 4.
Mississippi and Rhode Island imposed the highest state sales tax rates (7%), and Colorando imposed the lowest (3%).
UniVox brings to Accton the benefits of the lowest power embedded WiFi solution in the industry.