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Synonyms for lowermost

opposite to or farthest from the top

Synonyms for lowermost

farthest down

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The medulla oblongata is the lowermost portion of the brain, continuous with the spinal cord, that is responsible for respiration, circulation and the body's autonomic reflexes, including function of the pancreas.
Some zones in these large and geographically remote areas overlap in the upper Sheinwoodian, Homerian and lowermost Gorstian, which enables us to use them for compilation of the Generalized Vertebrate Zonal Scheme.
Geological mapping and sampling done in the past has revealed that there is ore grade mineralization on the lowermost level of the Freighters Friend mine; and it is the Company's position that with the current mineral value in the market recently it has become much more profitable for the Company to begin development on this property than in times past.
In the lowermost 10 m of the Riksu Formation, the species characteristic of the Jaani Stage still occur, with predominance of Conochitina claviforinis.
Measurements made in the troposphere--the lowermost layer of the atmosphere--indicated that chlorine concentrations there had peaked between 1992 and 1994 and were slowly starting to decline (SN: 3/9/96, p.
Remove the lowermost leaves and stand them in the jam jar, keeping the leaves well clear of the water.
The well has since been completed and an initial fracture stimulation program has been executed over the two lowermost reservoir intervals in the well.
Although the current paper deals mainly with Ordovician faunas, data from the lowermost Silurian were included to highlight the faunal changes caused by the End-Ordovician Event.
The team also will insert a string of 16 temperature sensors in the lowermost ice to freeze inside and become part of the ice shelf.
Originally living in the lake, these organisms became trapped in the lowermost ice as it froze, he says.
Remove the lowermost pair of leaves, dip in hormone rooting powder and root around the edge of 3in pots of compost.
recommends expenditures of $450,000Cdn in Phase I, and $550,000Cdn in Phase II, to consist of rehabilitation of portions of the three adits, particularly the lowermost C adit, geological mapping, geochemical work, and drilling.