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below the surround or below the normal position


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This causes the occurrence of cracking and its growth to be considerably higher when aspect ratio is lowered.
The pipe cleaner with attached washers lowered the tightrope walker's center of gravity most.
In the best studies done to date, high doses of antioxidant supplements lowered the risk of:
Now the flag is lowered to half-staff on city buildings only on occasions specified in the federal code, such as Memorial Day or at the death of a president, or upon special executive orders from the president or California governor for all flags to be lowered.
The weight should be lowered in a smooth and controlled manner to this point before the lifter begins to think about raising the weight.
They found that pravastatin lowered mean LDL concentrations by 32 percent- from 139 mg/dl to 98 mg/dl.
Many regionalization concepts were developed for public policy purposes that assumed a public benefit would accrue from lowered costs, improved access, and/or higher quality.
In the study, triglycerides were lowered an average of 21.
In a 1999 UCLA study that was funded by the company, the Cholestin brand of red yeast rice lowered LDL by an impressive 22 percent in 83 people with high cholesterol levels.
During Tuesday night's council meeting, Mayor Gus Gomez handed down proclamations recognizing the genocide and ordering the flags lowered.
Each time the vessel is refilled with treated iron, the pressure must be lowered to make room for the incoming metal.
In rats, Malkki found that concentrates of beta-glucan molecules having a molecular weight of 1 million lowered serum cholesterol levels 10 percent; beta-glucan with a molecular weight of 2 million lowered cholesterol as much as 20 percent; and beta-glucan with a molecular weight of 3 million slashed cholesterol levels almost 30 percent.
NEW YORK -- Fitch Ratings has lowered the indicative senior unsecured debt ratings of Public Service Enterprise Group (PSEG) to 'BBB' from 'BBB+', the trust preferred stock ratings to 'BBB-' from 'BBB', and initiated a new 'F2' commercial paper rating.
In some studies, garlic supplements lowered high cholesterol levels by about ten percent.
Monounsaturates, on the other hand, lowered LDLs but slightly boosted HDLs when substituted for saturates.