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inferior in rank or status

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In addition, the researchers found that high-ranking males invested more often than lower-ranking group members into friendly relationships with females.
A lower-ranking militant was also killed in the Israeli air attack.
Al-Ghoul, 46, was killed along with Imad Abbas, a lower-ranking militant, the group said.
Two chief financial officers and a number of lower-ranking executives have left AMR since June 2002, reported The Associated Press.
From 1993 to 1996, these males behaved as cooperatively as the original set of lower-ranking male survivors had, the scientists say.
Howe also says he's mindful of controlling his mood swings at the office more closely than he did as a lower-ranking executive.
Downing Street hit back by announcing Iranian envoy Morteza Sarmadi would now be treated as a lower-ranking charge d'affaires.
In the past, lower-ranking representatives held court, she noted, without the urgency demonstrated by their bosses at Orlando.
And the detective leading the hunt has moved on - to be replaced by a lower-ranking officer.
They will tell you that lower-ranking Khmer Rouge soldiers and their families should be pardoned and re-integrated into normal society.
Meanwhile, the Tailhook scandal has produced reprimands of several admirals; yet most of the lower-ranking officers involved in the sexual abuse of women at the navy pilots' convention will not be court-martialed.
As a matter of policy, we won't override the model by choosing lower-ranking stocks.
The researchers found that third or lower-ranking wives had 106 daughters for every 100 sons, compared with those in monogamous marriages who had 99 daughters for every 100 sons.
The judge ruled the Met Commissioner had unlawfully delegated his powers to impose conditions under the 2005 Serious Organised Crime and Police Act (Socpa) to a lower-ranking officer.