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occupying the lowest socioeconomic position in a society


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Rather than otherwise, men reckon the category of the elderly people to stand for the lower class; and subjects over 50 years of age add families with children to the lower-class category.
Middleclass children thus took school more seriously and were consistently sheltered from adult and lower-class experiences (Davis & Dollard, 1940).
The authors are careful to point out that the lower-class students who were fortunate enough to enroll in these institutions performed very well.
Andrew is dating a sexy, lower-class babe (Elizabeth Banks), who incurs the wrath of the sharp-tongued Marcia.
In An Eviction, 2004 (a remake of his 1998 Eviction Struggle, digitally rendered for this show from previously unused production stills), we witness a man fighting police power like a desperate, lower-class Laocoon.
But the typical clothing of farmers, laborers, and lower-class Indians is also colorful and elaborate in its own way.
Los caifanes presents a middle-class fantasy of empowerment and resistance against the upper-class, experienced vicariously through the actions and bodies of lower-class men and accomplished without challenging middle-class privilege.
Lower-class organizations and little-known individuals are thus shown to have contributed to the continuation of racism.
In their frequently cited 1947 study, "The Attitudes of Negro Mothers Towards Illegitimacy," social workers Patricia Knapp and Sophie Cambria found that cultural factors were the best predictors of illegitimacy among lower-class African-Americans.
Compulsive lying for gain,be it financial, respect or popularity, is quite common among criminals and a minority of lower-class citizens (nodisrespect,I am a member of the lower class).
Lower-class English life in the early 18th century was nasty, brutish, and short.
Like Sorin, Julien comes from a poor, lower-class family, but he presents himself to Austin as a cultured aristocrat.
That's because most of its creations are rooted in middle- or lower-class experiences.
The writing was on the wall for lower-class passengers when, after deregulation in the 1980s, the airlines beefed up service to high-traffic routes and began canceling flights to less-travelled areas, stranding passengers who had the misfortune to book tickets on half-full planes.
Yet, much of the work of these societies sought to regulate women in lower-class positions to menial jobs, training them to be good maids and servants.