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Synonyms for lowercase

the characters that were once kept in bottom half of a compositor's type case

relating to small (not capitalized) letters that were kept in the lower half of a compositor's type case

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One school of thought reasons that in this construction 'Arctic' is an adjective, adjectives are not capitalized in English, and therefore 'Arctic' should have a lower-case initial.
They need to know their upper- and lower-case letters by the time they're finished with kindergarten,'' she said.
William "Papa" deMille was very particular about that lower-case "d," and C.
Notice the character and elegance created by the lower-case f and the uppercase G in the title.
Because the mouse gene's DNA sequence closely resembles that of the human gene, Brockdorff and his colleagues also named their gene xist, but in lower-case letters to differentiate it from the human gene.
T-Shirt Printing Kit - Everything he needs to create a custom t-shirt: sturdy upper- and lower-case letters, numbers and punctuation in 160-point font along with six colors of fabric paint and two brushes.