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The IHSR predicts that higher status groups will be most apt to provide dependency-oriented help to lower status groups.
A LEADING academic has claimed that calling teachers "Sir" or "Miss" is depressing, sexist and gives women in schools a lower status than their male counterparts.
Now, however, ambitions for social mobility have led to initiatives among lower status communities as well, including the Ezhava (a formerly "backward" Hindu community) and Muslims, for access to the training that leads to a prestigious profession like medicine.
In this context, women are assigned with lower status than their male counterparts.
Countries like Finland, which regularly come top of international comparisons in core subjects like English and mathematics, do so without giving lower status to music.
of the Association Agreement with the EU - Yerevan will try to sign a document on a special, lower status of Armenia in the relations
The president said that denying undocumented immigrants the chance to become citizens would leave them "permanently resigned to a lower status.
They also were more likely to give the reward to a monkey they knew over one they didn't, preferred to give to lower status than higher status monkeys, and had almost no interest in giving the juice to an inanimate object.
However, the Seahorses made light of their lower status in the pyramid last night, overcoming the Evo-Stik Premier outfit with comfort if not ease.
Yet last year's eight point defeat to Tipp just about summed up their new, lower status.
They could seek lower status as a "non-member state", which would require a simple majority of the 193-nation Assembly.
Honda is a brand which is revered for its snob appeal in Pakistan whereas in the UAE and the other developed countries, Honda has a relatively lower status.
lower status athletes; Eys, Carton, Bray, & Beauchamp, 2003).
Born into a world where darker skin meant lower status, Lena Horne was blessed with lighter skin.
This is still a lower status than an embassy and does not give them any diplomatic privileges or immunities - a status the PA mission does have in many African and Asian countries, as well as some European and South American states.