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Unit commanders generally selected the recipients of the holsters, with enlisted service members holding lower rank given priority.
If they are killed or badly injured during that time their widows and families only receive pension and other help at the lower rank rates.
3 : to reduce from a higher to a lower rank or degree <He was degraded to a private by his commander.
It should be obvious immediately that lower rank does not necessarily mean invalid or "bad" information.
African blacks were some two grades below Anglo-Saxons, though Australian aborigines had a lower rank still.
It was much easier for the great to claim that his right to respect had been injured if his wife's lover was of lower rank, but an upper class defendant could get off by pleading that his admitted adultery could not have "injured" his lower status rival.
Prior research suggests that lower rank auditors may be susceptible to pressures from within and outside the organization.
The women were hired at a lower rank than their male counterparts between 1985 and 1999, said Russell Mills, the grievance chairman of the Vermont State Colleges Faculty Federation.
111), it is in the order of Providence that lower things should be subject to the influence of higher things, so that just as the angels of lower rank receive enlightenment from angels of higher rank, so men, being inferior to angels by nature, receive enlightenment from them.
If a fraction of the coke could be replaced by fuels of lower rank without sacrificing metal quality, the economics of cupola iron could be improved, coking coals could be conserved and coke shortages could be avoided.
LAHORE -- Police investigators will face dismissal from service, reversion to lower rank and even booked for conducting investigation in careless manners.
Having a history of violence before joining, being younger and having lower rank were the strongest pointers to potential violent offending.
The court once again issued notices to the government asking why he wasn't given a posting despite its order and how a person with a lower rank got in.
Children's and lower rank competitions are the first on the agenda before the bouts move up to adult black-belt men.
It further said that lower rank police officials were having very little or no knowledge about the JJSO 2000 despite the fact that they had first contact with juveniles, from arrest to registering FIRs against juvenile and shifting them to the courts.
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