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Synonyms for extremity

Synonyms for extremity

a highly volatile dangerous situation requiring immediate remedial action

Synonyms for extremity

an extreme condition or state (especially of adversity or disease)

the greatest or utmost degree

the outermost or farthest region or point

that part of a limb that is farthest from the torso

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1 Lower Extremity Prosthetics, China, Overall Revenue (2003-2017) 56
In addition, the effectiveness inevitably needs to be verified when designing the lower extremity exoskeleton.
Remitting distal lower extremity swelling with pitting oedema in acute sarcoidosis.
The hope is that the combination of the Maxlock line with Tornier's ankle arthroplasty, biologics, and other foot and ankle implants will create one of the broadest offerings for lower extremity surgical specialists in the orthopedic industry.
The CDCs study is the first comprehensive study to examine trends in nontraumatic lower extremity amputation (NLEA) rates and characteristics associated with diabetes-related NLEAs in the U.
They looked at 156 patients who were assigned to supervised treadmill exercise, lower extremity strength training or a control group.
Multiple case studies in the literature report injuries attributed to air bag deployment, (9-14) and several recent studies using larger patient cohorts have shown increased risk of upper and lower extremity injuries when air bags deploy.
OBJECTIVES: This study sought to determine whether serum levels of testosterone and estradiol associate with lower extremity peripheral arterial disease (PAD) in a large population-based cohort of elderly men.
The book, Lower Extremity Wounds: A Problem-Based Approach, is the first of its kind that has been written as a joint venture by experienced nurses and podiatrists (feet experts), all with knowledge in wound care.
Oral contraceptives are a well-described risk factor for lower extremity venous thromboembolic events, but there are few published studies on the anatomical distribution of these events in women taking OCs, Dr.
Objective: To determine if alterations in sagittal plane lower extremity kinematics remain evident throughout a one hour period in healthy individuals.
Mayo Clinic Procedural Training Manual--Peripheral Nerve Blockade for Major Lower Extremity Orthopedic Surgery (DVD).
Using a recliner may also help residents who have breathing problems, arthritis, or lower extremity swelling, or those recovering from surgery.
At admission, she was febrile with absence of pulses on the right lower extremity and a diminished pulse on the left.
com] engineers have discovered that combining an energy absorbing steering column, collapsible knee bolster and an energy absorbing pedal structure into a single unit lets them: [1] improve occupant kinematics in a crash to the extent they can significantly reduce lower extremity injuries, and [2] reduce vehicle assembly time while improving quality.
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