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visual examination of the colon (with a colonoscope) from the cecum to the rectum

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They concluded that these additional examinations could have been avoided if CE was employed following the initial upper and lower endoscopy studies which failed to detect a source.
Allen continued, "During our visits to Capitol Hill, we will call upon CMS to delay final review of upper endoscopy codes and interim final review of lower endoscopy codes until CMS issues concerning moderate sedation and intensity of service are more fully considered using the new transparency process proposed by CMS.
Some 15,000 patients had an up-to-date colorectal screen--defined as a fecal occult test within the prior year or lower endoscopy within the previous 5 years.
The patient had an extensive and thorough workup for nausea and vomiting that included liver function, electrolytes, renal function, upper and lower endoscopy, small bowel series, solid phase gastric emptying study, a bone scan, and a cranial CT.
The overall interval colorectal cancer (CRC) rate, defined as colorectal cancer diagnosed 6-36 months after a lower endoscopy, was 11.
Previous conventional imaging procedures -- including upper and lower endoscopy as well as small-bowel follow-through -- were negative in all patients.
A significant number of other gastrointestinal lesions amenable to therapy were also found on upper and lower endoscopy in these patients.
Between December 2003 and December 2004, 253 patients with a median age of 57 years were referred for unexplained IDA and received an upper endoscopy with biopsy and a lower endoscopy.
Several major insurers have expanded their reimbursement policies for capsule endoscopy to include initial diagnosis of suspected Crohn's disease after inconclusive conventional tests such as a barium follow-through and upper and lower endoscopy.
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