low-water mark

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Synonyms for low-water mark

an extreme state of adversity

a line marking the lowest level reached

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231, 231-232 (1804) (holding that the land to the low-water mark belonged to the owner of the adjoining land).
Looking regionally, we see that European investors continue to reallocate toward risky investments, leaving confidence well above the low-water mark established in December of last year," added O'Connell.
That's 10 percent above the low-water mark in 2005.
22 in the September quarter, the period should represent the low-water mark for earnings.
The advert was massively damaging to the Dukakis campaign and has been seen as the low-water mark of negative campaigning ever since.
Unfortunately for the 52-year-old actor, it's another low-water mark in the sea of mediocrity on which he is almost permanently adrift.
We are cautiously optimistic that this downturn has reached its low-water mark.
The low-water mark in June has faded into memory now.
Thanks to Paul Collingwood, who battled 95 balls for his 31, and a spirited swish of the tail from Ashley Giles, they scrambled past the low-water mark by two runs.
Defeat at Barnsley in last season's FA Cup fourth round replay was the low-water mark of Tottenham's lurch towards the cliff-edge under Christian Gross.
Only four players survived from the side which lost at Rotherham in August when Glenn Roeder's reign hit the lowest of low-water marks.
A new Dynamic Reaping feature tracks the high- and low-water marks to reap idle connections that are common in various network DoS attacks, preventing the appliance from being overwhelmed by traffic, regardless of the connection length.
The midlittoral zone was bounded by the mean high- and low-water marks.
Mark Roberts, who uses the title The Lord Marcher of Trelleck, claims he owns the land between the high and low-water marks around the North Pembrokeshire coast.