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Synonyms for low-toned

very low in volume


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Playing at a convention of steam engine enthusiasts, he got the idea of incorporating a low-toned whistle into the act.
In Of Any If And, beautiful long lines of sound, again by Willems, exquisite gray-gold lighting, and the low-toned voices of two onstage speakers frame a series of encounters between Caspersen and Thomas McManus that speak of utter intimacy and the confrontation of duplicitous spirits: a pas de deux that takes us beyond the telos of performance to the eidos of human relationships.
These two Woody surrogates get to grapple with each other because they're engaged in the rehearsals and out-of-town tryout of a Broadway play, featuring the full range of backstage shenanigans: high-toned alcoholic seduction (between the over-the-hill leading lady and the playwright); low-toned gluttonous flirtation (between the over-the-hill leading man and the ingenue); and threats of mayhem (addressed to the producer by the principal backer, a mob boss who happens to be the ingenue's proprietor).
If your dog misbehaves, correct his behavior with a forceful, low-toned growl ("BAH") -- a form of communications that your dog can understand.
Kaye faithfully narrates the Dingmans' travails, capably creating voices for children and adults and using her low-toned voice well.
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