low-sodium diet

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a diet that limits the intake of salt (sodium chloride)

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Try to follow a low-sodium diet with lots of fruit and vegetables and low-fat dairy.
Specifically, a low-sodium diet with significant amounts of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lower nonfat dairy products and lean protein are considered the best diet for healthy eating.
Two hundred ten patients with calcium oxalate kidney stones and hypercalciuria (24-hour urinary calcium excretion greater than 300 mg in men and greater than 250 mg in women) were randomly assigned to consume a low-sodium diet or a normal diet (control group) for three months.
Women who maintained a normal body weight, engaged in 30 minutes of exercise per day, consumed a low-sodium diet, consumed alcohol in moderation, used non-narcotic analgesics infrequently, and consumed supplemental folic acid had an 80% lower risk of developing hypertension, compared to the rest of the subjects.
Although adhering to a low-sodium diet can be challenging, it can be incorporated into a balanced diet with some guidance and planning.
A healthy low-fat, low-sodium diet, rich in fresh fruit, particularly dark berry fruits such as blueberries, and cherries, which are rich in bioflavonoids and antioxidants, is also recommended.
Weight loss and regular exercise are staples of treatment, along with a diet rich in fruits and vegetables, a diet low in dairy, fat, and a low-sodium diet.
He's also on a strict, low-sodium diet, so french fries and other teen favorite foods are off limits.
Jenkins tries to maintain a healthy, low-sodium diet and gets more sleep than she used to.
Lifestyle modifications (exercise, low-sodium diet, and weight loss) have never been proven as effective methods of blood pressure control because patients rarely succeed at implementing them.
I am not on a low-sodium diet and don't have hypertension.
While no one disputes the low-sodium diet for people with high blood pressure, experts bicker when it comes to making recommendations for the public at large.
Measurements were made after 1 month on a low-sodium diet and 1 month on a high-sodium diet in a double-blind, crossedover, randomized designed study.
People on a low-sodium diet should avoid MSG because of its high sodium content.