low-salt diet

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a diet that limits the intake of salt (sodium chloride)

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Going on a moderately low-salt diet could be the equivalent of daily taking in an extra 900mg of calcium.
In 1922, Allen and Scherril described the effect of a low-salt diet in 180 patients with severe essential hypertension who were given a normal protein intake (1).
Such measures as quitting smoking, eating a low-fat, low-salt diet and exercising can halt or even reverse the narrowing of the arteries.
For chronic glomerulonephritis, a low-salt diet and reduced fluid intake to prevent fluid retention.
One hundred fifty-two healthy men and women (mean age, 39 years) consumed a low-salt diet (urinary sodium < 0.
Remember, three quarters of the salt we eat comes from everyday foods, so take steps to slash your salt intake and get your tastebuds to adjust to a heart and blood pressure friendly low-salt diet.
To reach the conclusion, IQWiG searched for systematic reviews that compared the following patients with hypertension: an intervention group, which was to follow a low-salt diet over a long period, versus a control group, which either did not have this target or whose salt reduction was not so great as in the intervention group.
These can include a low-salt diet, potassium supplements, moderate alcohol consumption, weight loss, exercise, and relaxation techniques.
The men were told to eat a low-salt diet, which put the total daily sodium intake of the salt-tablet takers (about 5,200 mg) at the upper end of the range of what people typically consume, and 3 1/2 times the recommended intake.
He is taking oral hypoglycemic agents for his diabetes and is on a low-salt diet for mild hypertension.
Your blood pressure may get too low if you also take water pills, are on a low-salt diet, get dialysis treatments, have heart problems, or get sick with vomiting or diarrhea.
There is a growing weight of opinion that a low-salt diet could also be dangerous for older people.
As well as the nightly dialysis Ellyn, a pupil at Walkergate Primary School, has to follow a strict low-potassium and low-salt diet.
Many patients with Meniere's disease are responsive to traditional medical management with a diuretic, a low-salt diet, and/or a vestibular suppressant.