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Synonyms for low-priced

low in price

Synonyms for low-priced

that you have the financial means for

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PMFTC made the request to avail of the lower excise tax rates to cut retail prices of selected Marlboro brands which will ultimately push out of the market Mighty Corporations (MC) and other manufacturers of low-priced cigarettes.
Excise tax officials who declined to be named said the tax schedule compelled many low-income smokers to shift to low-priced brands shying away from the premium brands of PMFTC.
Forbes Low-Priced Stock Report's model portfolio features 40 stocks within various industries that trade for under $3 a share.
Forbes Low-Priced Stock Report subscribers receive deep dive analysis on these stocks and more in every issue.
A low-priced laptop is a relative concept, whose specific price changes as time goes on.
Analysis on application fields of low-priced notebooks
The system which is based purely on mathematics can be applied to any price traded equity but is especially well suited to managing low-priced stocks.
com, chooses low-priced stocks to analyze, with an emphasis on emerging growth and special situations poised for explosive price appreciation.
With the availability of this low-priced fault-tolerant server channel partners and enterprise customers now have the option of purchasing a high-availability server with 99.
There is more future upside potential in this emerging growth company than any other low-priced stock I have ever seen," stated author Konrad Kuhn.
The Cabot Heritage Corporation announces the release of their annual low-priced stock report 'Cabot's 10 Favorite Low-Priced Stocks for 2005'.
But consumers are interested in using credit, debit and charge cards to pay for a number of low-priced items, including parking meters and video games.
Concord") (Nasdaq:LENS), a leader in award-winning, high-quality, affordably-priced digital cameras, unveiled today at Photokina a new line-up of trendy low-priced 3 Megapixel digital cameras, the Concord 3346z and 3043.
a payments company that enables profitable new business models for low-priced digital content and physical goods, announced today that it is moving to a new office in Waltham, Mass.
This represents a nearly 150 percent increase over the four million consumers who indicated they had purchased low-priced content online in a similarly conducted October 2003 research study.
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